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Golf Cart Battery Maintenance 101

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If you own an electric golf cart, caring for your batteries is the single most important maintenance task. Knowing the best way to perform routine maintenance and charging can help your batteries last longer. Most golf cart batteries can last for up to six years when properly maintained, saving you money off early replacement. Here are golf cart battery maintenance tips to extend the life of your batteries.

Never Discharge Over 80%

When your golf cart battery is discharged 80%, it needs to be recharged. You do not want to go below a 20% charge – it can harm your battery.

Charge Every Time You Use Your Golf Cart

You want to maintain a complete charge on your batteries. Fully charge your batteries, usually overnight, after using your golf cart. The charge can last for up to two months.

Fill Water

Your water holes should be kept full – fill the water holes with distilled water, never tap, after your batteries are fully charged. The water should be about a ¼ to ½ inch above the plate.

Clean and Dry Top of Battery

You will want to clean your battery to avoid corrosion. You can use baking soda and water with a wire brush to clean the terminals – make sure to wear gloves and dry the battery thoroughly after cleaning.

Invest in an Automatic Charger

To ensure your batteries are not overcharged, invest in an automatic charger that will turn off when your battery is fully charged. If you only use your golf cart seasonally, consider a charger with an advanced storage feature. This will give your battery a “refresh” charge every 2 months to keep it maintained in the offseason.

With a little maintenance, you can make sure your golf cart batteries are ready to go every time you need them and make them last longer. Talk to your local golf cart dealer about purchasing the right charger to maintain your batteries.

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The History of the Golf Cart

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Today’s golf carts go far beyond just traveling between 18-holes. Golf carts have come off the course and now are used in airports, for personal transportation, for events and all types of activities. Have you ever wondered when and how these economical and eco-friendly vehicles were invented? Here is a brief timeline on the history of the golf cart and how they become a staple for business and personal use.

  • Golf carts were first actual carts that were pulled like rickshaws by caddies…in the 1930-40’s these were used on some courses and the first versions of electric golf carts were devised based on this concept. However, none caught on for mass production during these early stages.
  • R.J. Jackson marketed the first gas-powered, 3-wheeled golf cart in the 1950’s called the Arthritis Special, geared toward elderly golfers.
  • Marketeer began selling electric golf carts in 1951, which quickly became more popular than the gas-powered version. They were quieter without smoke, traits that were appreciated on the golf course.
  • During the 50’s, several other companies began making golf carts, including E-Z Go in 1954, which are still around today
  • By the 1960’s, golf courses began to rent carts to give those unable to buy their own an option for course transportation.
  • 1970’s until today, golf carts remain similar but with more options and better technology. Batteries last longer, more custom options can be added and street legal kits are available, making them popular for many different activities.

Golf carts have come a long way since they were pulled around by caddies. To see all the new options in golf carts, visit a local golf cart dealer and checkout all the models and features available.

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What to Look for When Purchasing a Used Golf Cart

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Whenever you purchase a used vehicle, it can be risky. You never know if there are hidden issues that could cost you more down the road. The same is true of a used golf cart. Even if it seems to be in good condition, there could be problems that are not apparent. Before you purchase a previously-owned golf cart, here are a few tips to help ensure it is a good investment.

  • Age. How old is the cart? If it is more than fifteen years old, you could run into issues getting parts for repairs. Be careful buying too old of a cart as it may not have much life left in it, even if it was lightly used. Most golf carts made after 2005 will have a tracker in place that can tell you the number of hours and cycles it has used.
  • Batteries. For electric golf carts, batteries are one of the most expensive components to replace. Ask about when they were last replaced. If it has been over a year, you can expect that you will need to replace them soon. Also look for bulging or corrosion, signs that the batteries are at the end of their life cycles.
  • Refurbished or used? Many dealers will sell refurbished golf carts that have had maintenance done to ensure they are reliable. Be careful of “as-is” used carts bought from private owners; you may want to have it brought in and inspected to determine the condition by a local golf cart dealer.

Buying a used golf cart can save you money, but you want to ensure it is going to be reliable. Check with your local golf cart dealer to see if they have used models for sale that have been inspected or refurbished to protect your investment.

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What You Need to Know About Golf Cart Battery Maintenance

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Your electric golf cart may not need fuel but it does rely on its batteries for energy, making them the most important element in golf cart maintenance. A quality golf cart battery can last for years if it is maintained properly. Since these batteries are expensive to replace, usually running several hundred dollars or more for two, you will want to make sure you know how to care for your batteries to get the most for your money.

Golf cart batteries require more maintenance than other vehicle batteries due to the large strain on them. They are the only source of energy for your golf cart and are depleted as they are used, similar to a cell phone battery. While a gas-powered vehicle charges up their battery with an alternator, golf carts drain their batteries until they die or are recharged, just like your cell phone, only much larger. But performing regular maintenance can help extend the life of these heavy-duty batteries.

Golf cart batteries require cleaning, watering, and charging. Here are the basics:

  •  After each use, your batteries should be charged fully. Try to always allow the battery to completely charge. Undercharging before using again can shorten the life of the battery.
  • Clean the batteries with a cloth at least once a month using a solution of ¼ cup of baking soda mixed in a gallon and a half of warm water. Wipe down, allow to sit on the battery for about five minutes, then rinse with pure water and towel dry. Make sure to wear gloves when cleaning.
  • After the monthly cleaning, check the water level. The battery should be fully charged before adding water – use only distilled water and keep at full level.

Make sure to check with your golf cart dealer for more maintenance tips for your batteries and golf cart, following the manufacturer and dealer recommendations.

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