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Finding and Fixing the Cause of Structural Cracks

Are there stair-step cracks in your brick or a crack forming on a interior wall? Cracks on structural surfaces of your home are more than just an aesthetic issue; they often are evidence of a deeper problem. Before you decide to cover up the crack and forget it, consider what these cracks may mean and what will happen if you do not find and fix the root cause.

Why Walls and Foundations Crack

Cracks do not appear on walls or foundations without reason. It requires stress to create a crack, usually from changes in the structure. The most common reason your chimney, foundation footing or walls will crack in your home is settling or sinking of the base foundation. If one area of the foundation sinks or shifts, it put stress on the structure above it. Cracks are the first signs that structural damage is occurring. If not fixed, the structural integrity could be at risk, endangering the safety of your home.

Fixing Structural Cracks

Hiding a crack with cement or plaster without investigating the cause is a bad idea. The problem is not likely to go away and will only continue to get worse and more expensive to fix. Fixing a surface crack is like putting a bandage over a scratch on a broken arm – it will hide the visible signs but not fix the real issue underneath.

To find and fix the cause of structural cracks, you need a foundation expert to inspect your home. A professional masonry or foundation repair specialist can locate the issues and help you find a solution to protect your home from further damage.

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