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Finding and Fixing the Cause of Structural Cracks

Are there stair-step cracks in your brick or a crack forming on a interior wall? Cracks on structural surfaces of your home are more than just an aesthetic issue; they often are evidence of a deeper problem. Before you decide to cover up the crack and forget it, consider what these cracks may mean and what will happen if you do not find and fix the root cause.

Why Walls and Foundations Crack

Cracks do not appear on walls or foundations without reason. It requires stress to create a crack, usually from changes in the structure. The most common reason your chimney, foundation footing or walls will crack in your home is settling or sinking of the base foundation. If one area of the foundation sinks or shifts, it put stress on the structure above it. Cracks are the first signs that structural damage is occurring. If not fixed, the structural integrity could be at risk, endangering the safety of your home.

Fixing Structural Cracks

Hiding a crack with cement or plaster without investigating the cause is a bad idea. The problem is not likely to go away and will only continue to get worse and more expensive to fix. Fixing a surface crack is like putting a bandage over a scratch on a broken arm – it will hide the visible signs but not fix the real issue underneath.

To find and fix the cause of structural cracks, you need a foundation expert to inspect your home. A professional masonry or foundation repair specialist can locate the issues and help you find a solution to protect your home from further damage.

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Common Problems Homeowners Mistake as No Big Deal

When you own an older home, you expect that some things won’t work perfectly. Decades of time can settle a home and cause slight changes in the structure. However, there is a big difference between floors that creak and a home that has a foundation that is sinking. Some common problems that homeowners write off as no big deal can often be signs of a foundation issue. Here are some issues that deserve a second look and inspection by a foundation specialist.

Door and Window Issues

Windows that won’t open or doors that won’t close can be more serious that just settling in the door jams or stuck window paint. If the foundation is settling, these openings in the structure may be the first places that show signs of distress. One problem window may be just an old home oddity, but if you have having trouble with a few doors or windows, you should get a foundation inspection.

Walls Cracks

Interior or exterior wall cracks are not “wrinkles” on an old home. They are signs of a foundation that is unlevel or settling. If not fixed, these cracks will become larger and more frequent. Eventually, the home may no longer be safe.

Floor Issues

Your floors are another area that may be overlooked when it comes to old homes. Unlevel or sloping floors; cracks between the floors and walls; cracks in the floor tiles; these can all be signs of a foundation issue.

Even if a problem seems in significant and is only a nuisance, it can be a sign of a larger issue in your home. Call in a foundation expert to have your home inspected to determine whether your common old home problems are due to an issue with your foundation.

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Signs Your Bay Window Needs Repairing

Bay windows add light and beauty to your home, but they can also be one of the first structural areas to become unstable. These heavy windows need a solid structure to support their weight. If there is any settling in the foundation or other structural issues in your home, your bay windows may be the first area to alert you to a problem. Here are some signs that your bay windows, and possibly your foundation, may need repair.

  • Windows are hard to open/close. If the structure is unlevel around your windows, they are likely to be hard to open or close. If it is only your bay windows, not other windows in your home, that are not functioning, you may only need structural support for your heavy bay windows.
  • Cracks in corners. Are there cracks appearing in the corners around your bay window? This could be from the window settling due to lack of support, or you may have structural or foundation issues in your home.
  • Visible sagging. If the window frames are sagging or the entire bay window seems to sag when you view it from the exterior, call a foundation and bay window repair company. The window may be unstable and needs immediate inspection for safety.

Bay windows often are installed without the necessary support, leading to structural issues. They can also become unstable or unlevel due to problems with your home’s foundation. If you notice any of these signs, call a foundation contractor that also offers bay window repairs. They can inspect your bay windows and home’s foundation to determine where the problem is and suggest the best repair option to protect your home.

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