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How Long Will My Golf Cart Last?

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If you are considering buying a new golf cart, you may wonder how long you can expect your purchase to last. While components can wear out, the vehicle itself can last for many decades. Both gas and electric golf carts have similar longevity expectations when it comes to their frames, but engines and other components can vary. Here are some factors that can impact whether your new golf cart is still running 30 years from now or needs replacement 7-10 years down the road.

Frame Material

Differing brands and models of golf carts may use steel or aluminum frames. Aluminum does not rust and can last much longer than steel but has other limitations. Steel can handle more weight and may be better for rougher terrain. Good paint can help protect steel from rusting and extend the life of golf carts with these types of frames.

Preventive Maintenance

Like any vehicle, a golf cart is an investment that is best protected by preventive maintenance. Tune-ups, brake service, battery care, new paint and other maintenance can help extend the life of your golf cart.

Type and Frequency of Use

It should be expected that a golf cart used for commercial purposes on a daily basis will wear out quicker than those used less frequently for recreational use. Heavier loads, rougher terrain and higher speeds will all impact the longevity of the vehicle.

For most people, a well-maintained golf cart used for recreational or private purposes can last for 30-40 years. However, it is common for owners to trade in their models after several years to upgrade to a newer vehicle. To learn more on how to make your golf cart last as long as possible, talk to your local golf cart dealer.

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