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Creating a Customized Garage or Workshop

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If you enjoy spending time in your garage or workshop, you may have dreamed of creating a workshop that is customized for your needs. With the right contractors, you can make your dream come true. Imagine having the storage you need in the form of bins racks and cabinets, an easy to clean floor and counters to work on for all your projects. Here are a few ideas to create the customized shop you always wanted.

  • Flooring. If your shop or garage has a cement floor, start your customization by adding a floor covering. A popular option for garages and shops is an epoxy-coating that can create a beautiful floor that is easier to clean.
  • Cabinets and counters.  Whether you’re working on cars or building furniture, you need a work bench or counter. Consider having a customized counter and cabinets made from steel. A professional steel fabricator can create counters and cabinets that are made especially for your shop and needs.
  • Racks, bins and other storage. Make the most of every inch of your shop with the use of storage racks and bins. Talk to your steel fabricator about creating overhead racks for storage to give you more room on the floor. You can even have them fabricate customized built-in ladders to easily reach your overhead storage racks.
  • Finishes. Protect your customized metal counters, racks and cabinets with a professional finish. Talk to your metal fabricator about finishing options such as powder coating or paint to protect the metal and give your shop a professional appearance.

With the right flooring, storage and work spaces, you can create the workshop or garage that you have always wanted. Talk to your local metal fabricator to get started on your ultimate garage.

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