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Spring Renovations for Your Business’ Metal Stairs

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Metal staircases are used in many commercial buildings due to their durability for heavy traffic and exposure to the elements. However, even the highest quality metal can begin to show fatigue and wear over time, creating aesthetic and safety issues. If you own or manage a business with metal staircases, spring is the perfect time to reevaluate whether it is time to rejuvenate their structural integrity with a restoration service.

Inspecting Your Metal Staircases

Whether your metal stairs are indoor or outside, you want to ensure they are continuing to perform at a high safety level. Even indoors, metal can be exposed to moisture and industrial components that can deteriorate the coating on the metal, causing rust and weakness at the weld points. If the elements have impacted the coating, it may be obvious from just a glance that at a bare minimum your metal stairs need new coating to protect the metal. However, safety is a higher concern.

Signs that your metal stairs could become hazardous and cause liability for your business include:

  • Treads with holes or weak points
  • Loose railings
  • Rust through coating
  • Disconnected or weak welds

Once severe deterioration begins, the metal will continue to corrode and become unsafe. However, if caught early, you can save money over a stair replacement with a metal stair renovation. A quality metal fabrication company that specializes in industrial metal stairs can restore and repair the weak points in the stairs. With recoating or painting, the aesthetic aspect can be restored along with adequate protection for the metal.

Don’t wait for an injury or accident to occur at your business due to worn metal stairs. Plan your spring stair restoration today.

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