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Make Your Deck Look Like New Again

A new wood deck is stunning – not only does it add an outdoor living space for your home, it can add beauty to your home. That is, if it is maintained. When wood is stained or protected, it has a beautiful, rich color. But over time, the protection wears off and weather takes its toll. Yearly maintenance can help keep your deck looking like new.

Wood may be brown or tan in color when it is first milled, but that is not the way it will stay. The elements and chemical reactions can change the color. Clear coating that protects the wood from rot can also protect the natural color; stain can also bring out deeper hues or make the wood a deeper brown.

All wood will fade to gray over time. Stain can keep it looking brown longer, but eventually stain will fade too. The sun fades the color of wood, while rain and moisture can allow it to mildew. Keeping your deck looking good means keeping it clean and reapplying stain or clear coating to protect the surface.

Pressure washing can remove the dirt, grime and mildew from your deck. If the stain is still intact, just a good cleaning bring out the beauty of the wood. If you do plan on adding more stain or wood protectant, pressure washing the wood first will prepare it for the process. Make sure to let the wood dry for a few days after pressure washing before applying any color.

If you deck is looking dull, bring it back to life with regular maintenance. Hire your local pressure washing service to clean your deck; then, add new stain to make it look like new again.

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