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Spring Cleaning for Your Outdoor Space

Before you pull out your patio furniture and remove the pool cover to get ready to enjoy summer outside, consider a spring cleaning. Over the months of fall and winter weather, your patio, pool deck and other surfaces may look a little dingy. In one call to a local pressure washing service, you can schedule a thorough cleaning for your yard, home and outdoor living space. Here are a few areas to consider cleaning this spring to start the season off right.

Patios and Decks

Remove mildew, moss and dirt from your patio or deck with a professional power washing. It is easier to do when all your outdoor furniture is still in storage.

Pool Decks

If you have a pool, you want to ensure the surrounding tile, stone or concrete on your pool deck is sparkling. This can help protect the surface as well as improve the appearance of your pool area.


Vinyl and wooden fencing need routine cleanings. Wood especially will tend to turn gray and dull if not cleaned routinely. Wood can be damaged by too much water pressure so it is a good idea to have it cleaned by a professional.

Roof, Gutters and Siding

Your home can be dirty after a long winter. Not only can debris, moss and mildew detract from the beauty of your home, they can cause damage. Have a thorough cleaning from roof to foundation to restore your home’s appearance.

A spring cleaning for your outdoor surfaces can make your home and outdoor areas look new again. Schedule your spring power washing with a local professional to ensure your home is ready for the summer ahead.

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Pressure Wash Before Your Open House

If you are putting your home on the market, you want to make the best first impression on potential buyers. More than likely, your realtor will discuss small improvements that can be made to help you get the most value from your home. One of the least expensive and quickest ways to make any home more desirable is to clean up the outside surfaces. Scheduling a pressure washing service can help make your home shine during your open house.

Outdoor Surfaces to Pressure Wash

A thorough cleaning can make any surface look better. While you may not want to invest any more money fixing surfaces in a home you are selling, deep cleaning can make them look new again. Here are some surfaces that should be included in your pre-open house power washing:

  • Driveways – this can remove any stains or mildew
  • Fencing – wash away mildew stains or bring out the natural beauty of your wood fencing with power washing
  • Patios, decks, porches and pool decks can be cleaned thoroughly
  • Siding – remove dirt and stains from vinyl or other types of siding to make it look new again
  • Sidewalks and walkways – power washing can remove weeds and dirt from cracks

When outdoor surfaces are clean, it helps improve your home’s curb appeal and increases the value. In just a few hours, your home can be vastly improved with pressure washing. However, the last thing you want before an open house is damage to any surface. Make sure to use a professional pressure washing service to ensure the cleaning is done right – it is worth the investment to help to make your home more enticing to potential buyers.

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Protect Paved Areas with Routine Pressure Washing

Your paved driveway, patios, pool decks and sidewalks all need routine care to keep them looking beautiful. Sweeping away debris and blowing away grass or leaves can help keep your property neat. However, to protect these paved surfaces, you need to remove the deeper layers of dirt and liquid substances. Pressure washing is the best way to protect those paved areas and extend the life of your asphalt, pavers and concrete.

Driveway Maintenance

Driveways are prone to spills of chemicals which can harm the asphalt or concrete. Gas, oils and other substances that leak from vehicles can deteriorate the surface of your driveway. Pressure washing can safely remove these chemical and help minimize damage to the surface. This can help prevent cracking, crumbling and water deterioration.

Patio and Pool Deck Protection

If you have a concrete or paver pool deck or patio, keep it looking beautiful and protect it from wear with routine pressure washing. The chemicals used in your pool and accumulated dirt can wear on the surface. Extend the life of your outdoor living spaces with a quick pool deck pressure washing service once or twice a year.

Sidewalks and Walkways

Concrete slab sidewalks and paver walkways can be prone to weeds and slippery substances. Keep them beautiful and safe with regular pressure washing. This helps with the outdoor aesthetics of your home and also prevent slips or falls on your property that can be a liability.

In most cases, pressure washing your paved surfaces twice a year is sufficient to help keep them clean and protect them from premature deterioration. Contact a local pressure washing service to maintain your paved surfaces and protect your investment in your home.

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5 Surfaces that Can be Damaged from Pressure Washing

The first time you use a pressure washer to clean up your outdoor areas, it can seem like magic. Dirt, mildew and grime just disappear without chemicals, just a high-pressured stream of water. While having or renting a pressure washer to maintain your home can seem like a great idea, you need to know where it is safe to use it. Here are five surfaces that can be damaged from pressure washers if you use the wrong pressure or technique.

  1. Wood. Many types of wood are soft and can be splintered under high pressured water. This can harm your deck or fencing, even wood shingles, if done incorrectly.
  2. Windows. Glass and the casings around windows need to be carefully cleaned when using a pressure washer. The wrong technique can cause leaks and damage your expensive windows.
  3. Roofing. Pressure washing is a common way to clean roofs, but it can also lead to expensive damage if not performed with the right method. It can lift shingles and create leaks, leading to costly roof repairs.
  4. Stucco. The texture of stucco makes it difficult to clean with a pressure washer unless you know the exact nozzle and water pressure to use.
  5. Siding. Etching is a common problem when pressure washing siding,  leaving permanent indention or lines on your home. Use the wrong pressure on painted siding and you can remove the paint.

Many DIY homeowners have caused expensive damage to their homes cleaning these surfaces with pressure washing. However, all these surfaces can be cleaned by low-pressure or professional power washing. Using the right equipment and techniques can ensure these surfaces are cleaned without any damage. While you can clean most driveways or patios with your pressure washer, leave the more vulnerable surfaces to the professionals to prevent damage.

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Make Your Deck Look Like New Again

A new wood deck is stunning – not only does it add an outdoor living space for your home, it can add beauty to your home. That is, if it is maintained. When wood is stained or protected, it has a beautiful, rich color. But over time, the protection wears off and weather takes its toll. Yearly maintenance can help keep your deck looking like new.

Wood may be brown or tan in color when it is first milled, but that is not the way it will stay. The elements and chemical reactions can change the color. Clear coating that protects the wood from rot can also protect the natural color; stain can also bring out deeper hues or make the wood a deeper brown.

All wood will fade to gray over time. Stain can keep it looking brown longer, but eventually stain will fade too. The sun fades the color of wood, while rain and moisture can allow it to mildew. Keeping your deck looking good means keeping it clean and reapplying stain or clear coating to protect the surface.

Pressure washing can remove the dirt, grime and mildew from your deck. If the stain is still intact, just a good cleaning bring out the beauty of the wood. If you do plan on adding more stain or wood protectant, pressure washing the wood first will prepare it for the process. Make sure to let the wood dry for a few days after pressure washing before applying any color.

If you deck is looking dull, bring it back to life with regular maintenance. Hire your local pressure washing service to clean your deck; then, add new stain to make it look like new again.

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Preparing Your Deck for Staining

Wood decks look beautiful when they are newly stained. However, after a few years the stain can begin to fade and chip and pretty soon your wood deck is more of an eyesore than beautiful. However, a fresh coat of stain can bring back that luster and make your deck look like new again. But before you grab a bucket of stain and a brush, you need to prepare the wood for staining.

Removing the Old Stain

If you have wood stain that is flaking off your deck, you must remove that old stain before adding new stain. To do that, you have two choices. You can use a pressure washer to remove any grime, mildew and loosen the stain, then use a stripping agent to remove the stain. This is time consuming and the chemicals used are very toxic. Many people prefer not to use these harsh chemicals that can affect their landscaping and soil around their deck.

The second option is to remove the stain completely by pressure washing, using no chemicals at all. To do this, you must use a higher intensity of water. While this will remove the stain, it can damage the wood of your deck and create grooves. It takes a professional touch to be able to remove only the stain and not harm the wood. If you want to use this method, it is best to hire a professional pressure washing service that has the experience and equipment to remove the stain without damaging the deck.

Once the stain is completely removed, you will want to wait about a week for the wood to completely dry before adding new stain. Make sure there is no moisture on the deck in the 24-hours before staining and follow the directions for the stain you buy. Before long your deck will look like new again.

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Get Your Patio And Pool Ready For Summer Parties

The summer is full of opportunities to gather with friends and family. From weekend barbecues to a big Fourth of July blowout, your back patio and pool area is where your guests will most likely be on those beautiful summer days. To get your patio, pool deck and fencing all looking their best, you need a deep cleaning to remove the layers of dirt and grime that have accumulated over the last several months. To rejuvenate your outside entertaining area, it may be time to hire a professional pressure washing service. 

Benefits Of Using A Professional Pressure Washing Service

Although many homeowners may own their own pressure washer, there are benefits to hiring a professional for big jobs. Not only can they do the job faster and usually more effectively, they are trained to work on all the different surfaces which you may need cleaned. While pressure washing can leave decks and siding looking like new, if done improperly, it can also ruin the surface. Some of the areas a professional pressure washer can clean when they come to your home include: 

  • Cement or pavement. Get your sidewalks, driveway, pool decks and patios which are made of cement or pavement clean and looking great.
  • Siding. Vinyl siding only needs a good cleaning to look like new again. Have a brick home? Remove mildew and stains to bring out the beauty of your brick surfaces.
  • Wood decks and fences. After a year or two, wood decks and fences can lose their luster. Professional pressure washing can renew the wood while protecting it from harm. 

Now is the time to get your home looking its best for summer. Call your local pressure washing professional to make the exterior of your home shine for your next big summer party!

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Pressure Washing

Often, owners will find mildew, dirt and other stains gathering on fences, pool decks, wood decks, sidewalks, driveways, vinyl siding, Hardiplank siding, gutters and window and door casing.  These stains are unsightly and detract from the overall appearance of your home or business. Nothing does more to improve the look of a home or a business than having the exterior surfaces pressure washed by a professional Alpharetta pressure washing contractor on a regular basis!  

There is more to pressure washing that meets the eye.   A combination of the right equipment, as well as the proper cleaning solutions and cleaning techniques being performed by an experienced technician, is key to properly cleaning the exterior of the home or business, without causing damage.  It is very easy to cause permanent damage to the building products being cleaned due to the very high pressure that the equipment delivers the water. 

An example of this would be when inexperienced person attempts to pressure a wood deck, they often gouge the wood with the water.   Another example would be a water being directed full force on a window frame and water getting into the home causing water damage to the floor.  This is a very common issue, as windows are not designed to keep water out when directed at them under this much pressure.  In addition, incorrect cleaning solutions can cause damage to plants found around the structure.  

A professional residential and commercial pressure washing contractor that is licensed and insured can complete this work quickly and without damaging the components of the structure quickly and economically!


What to Look for in a Pressure Washing Service

Spring is coming and with it often comes the desire to clean up your building. Even if you don’t suffer the plight of winter storms, it seems to be a natural inclination to spruce everything up, perhaps to highlight the new leaves, shrubbery, flowers and other plantings that burst the world into bright color with the energy of renewed life. Whether you own a home, commercial building or kitchen, parking lot or storefront, a professional pressure washing company can give a fresh look even to an older structure.

Don’t trust just any company; make sure they are licensed, insured and experienced because pressure washing can cause damages to surfaces if done incorrectly. Let a professional pressure washing company thoroughly wash your building if there are concerns regarding mold, mildew, debris, fungus, dirt or graffiti. Additionally, if you have cedar siding and intend to spray your building for insects, an advance professional cleaning can help increase the effectiveness of that treatment. It is also beneficial to have your wooden deck pressured washed prior to staining or seal coating. Pressure washing can also help to quickly clean up patios or landscaped walkways.

Most local pressure washing companies will provide free quotes and a guarantee of your complete satisfaction. Some can even bring their own water source if necessary. In that most of this business can be seasonal, building your confidence in their reliability and service is important for their assurance of a repeat clientele base. As such, you should be able to trust your pressure washing professionals to be trained in how to address your individual cleaning needs, in order to return your home or business back into its former clean condition.


How to Safely Pressure Wash Your Deck

A deck is not only a beautiful addition to any home, but it also provides an excellent outdoors area to entertain guests and for family relaxation.  Like anything else exposed to the elements it will accumulate dirt, grime, mold and mildew.  Periodic cleaning of your deck will help keep it looking great and providing enjoyment for years to come.

Many people try to use a pressure washer to clean their deck.  While it is possible for an experienced pressure washer contractor to clean a deck using a pressure washer, it is much more difficult than it looks to get a deck clean without damaging it.  Unfortunately, in the hands of most homeowners and even some professionals, pressure washing a deck can do as much harm as good. 

A typical pressure washer uses water pressurized to between 2,000 and 5,000 psi to blast away dirt and grime.  However, wooden decks are made from relatively soft woods that can be damaged very quickly by a stream of high pressure water.  In the blink of an eye, a pressure washer can turn a perfectly good but dirty deck into a clean, but severely damaged deck.

The stream of high pressure water from a pressure washer can take off a quarter inch layer of wood very quickly.   At best, a typical pressure washer will leave the deck surface “fuzzy” with wood fibers raised by the pressure washing process.

 A better method of deck pressure washing involves cleaning it with a low pressure washer. In this method, environmentally save chemicals are applied to remove the dirt and grime, then the chemicals and dirt are removed by the application of low pressure, high volume water.  The result is a clean deck with no damage.

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