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Get Your Patio And Pool Ready For Summer Parties

The summer is full of opportunities to gather with friends and family. From weekend barbecues to a big Fourth of July blowout, your back patio and pool area is where your guests will most likely be on those beautiful summer days. To get your patio, pool deck and fencing all looking their best, you need a deep cleaning to remove the layers of dirt and grime that have accumulated over the last several months. To rejuvenate your outside entertaining area, it may be time to hire a professional pressure washing service. 

Benefits Of Using A Professional Pressure Washing Service

Although many homeowners may own their own pressure washer, there are benefits to hiring a professional for big jobs. Not only can they do the job faster and usually more effectively, they are trained to work on all the different surfaces which you may need cleaned. While pressure washing can leave decks and siding looking like new, if done improperly, it can also ruin the surface. Some of the areas a professional pressure washer can clean when they come to your home include: 

  • Cement or pavement. Get your sidewalks, driveway, pool decks and patios which are made of cement or pavement clean and looking great.
  • Siding. Vinyl siding only needs a good cleaning to look like new again. Have a brick home? Remove mildew and stains to bring out the beauty of your brick surfaces.
  • Wood decks and fences. After a year or two, wood decks and fences can lose their luster. Professional pressure washing can renew the wood while protecting it from harm. 

Now is the time to get your home looking its best for summer. Call your local pressure washing professional to make the exterior of your home shine for your next big summer party!

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Residential Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is when a high pressure mechanical sprayer is used to remove mold, grime, dirt, chipping paint, and such from buildings, vehicles, and concrete surfaces. Many people use pressure washing in order to clean their personal houses in residential areas. Because of the size of houses and the height of stories in homes, it is almost impossible for a house to be cleaned thoroughly with anything other than pressure washing. 

A pressure washer drives a high pressure water pump that creates a high pressure and velocity that removes unwanted particles from the house. Vinyl siding is extremely susceptible to mold and grime on houses. The vinyl clings to moisture and develops a build up that is very hard to remove. Mold also grows very quickly, and if it is not removed completely then it will continue to spread and leave a house looking very unattractive and dirty. 

Some people rent a pressure washer from a local home repair store, but many people hire a residential pressure washing company to offer professional cleaning results. A pressure washer used by a company with experience can offer fast results by using a detergent in the water stream to assist in the cleaning process. Professional washers understand the components of the pressure washing machines and how to offer the best results on residential homes. Safety is very important when using the machine because injuries can result from the pressure of the washer coming into contact with the skin. Many home owners associations have rules regarding pressure washing in order to protect their home owners, so it is important to check with your community before looking into any type of residential pressure washing.

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Give Your Home A Face-Lift With A Pressure Wash

Weather and time can wreak havoc on your home’s exterior. Decks can fade from brown to gray, pavers can become dull and roofs and siding can grow moss and fungi, taking away from the beauty of your home. Luckily there is a weapon to take away the grime and give your home a face-lift: a professional pressure wash. 

Why Hire A Professional Pressure Washing Company?

Although many homeowners may own a pressure washer, there are benefits to hiring a professional, especially for those big jobs. While a home pressure washer may be fine for spraying down the driveway or washing your car, there are jobs it may not be suited for. Improperly using a pressure washer can damage your home and may end up doing more harm than good. Some reasons to hire a professional pressure washing company for certain home cleaning jobs include: 

  • Protecting surfaces – Certain surfaces such as painted homes and decks or roofs can be ruined with improper pressure washing.
  • Environmental issues – Most areas have laws regarding the types of cleaners that can be used in conjunction with a pressure washer, as well as laws on collecting gray or run-off water.
  • Safety – Protect your own safety by hiring a professional to do high areas, which can be hazardous to the do-it-yourselfer. 

Pressure washing can make an noticeable difference in the way your home looks, and even protect it from damage when done correctly. Scheduling a professional pressure washing to give your home a needed face-lift can add to the curb appeal and beauty of your home, and is well worth the investment.

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Pressure Washing Is Not Just For Houses!

Many homeowners are familiar with the benefits of washing the exterior of their house, where the pressure washing process will remove dirt, mold, mild and other stains.  One area that homeowners often do not think about is their concrete or brick pool deck.  During the summer months, the homeowner and their families heavily use their back yard pools, as they provide an excellent outdoor space to relax, recreate and entertain, during those very hot and humid days and nights. 

Anyone with an outdoor pool should consider getting the pool deck pressure washed, at the beginning and end of the season to remove dirt, mold, mildew and grime, which accumulate on the deck surface.  Often this buildup can be dangerous, as it is slippery when wet, so it is best to have it periodically cleaned by a pressure-washing contractor. 

A qualified, licensed and insured pressure-washing contractor can quickly and economically perform this service.  Using trained technicians, the contractor will apply a cleaner to the surface and then wash the area using specialized equipment that will deliver the water to clean the surface at the right psi, as not to damage the deck surface.  In addition, the technician will make sure that the dirt, mold, mildew and grime removed does not flow into the pool, where it can contaminate the pool water. 

A periodic pool deck cleaning will keep your pool and pool deck area looking as great as it looked on the day it was completed.  If you own a pool, consider having the pool deck cleaned when you get the main house pressure washed.  Keep that investment looking great!



Pressure Cleaning For Summer Yard Prep

The kids are out of school and summer has arrived. You have a whole summer planned with fun things to do right in your backyard, from swimming to cookouts to graduation or birthday parties.  

But then you take a good look at your deck and your driveway and your walkways. Mold, mildew, weeds and stains. Ugh! 

Who ya gonna call? 

Your friendly neighborhood pressure washing service, that’s who! 

Of course, you could do it all yourself. You could scrape and weed and brush ’til your heart’s content, until you grow calluses on your hands and the summer is almost over. But there are so many advantages to hiring a professional to handle your residential pressure washing

1. It saves you time.  

In just a few hours, the mold and mildew will be gone, the weeds in the cracks will have disappeared and everything will be sparkling clean. And you will have spent your time doing other, more important things, like planning your cookout. 

2. They know what they’re doing.  

Using a pressure cleaner properly takes skill and experience. More importantly, the proper amount of pressure must be applied, or you risk damaging your deck or driveway. 

3. They do a thorough job. 

Because the power washer does the work, the job typically gets completely done. There are no hidden corners still in need of work. 

4. It protects your property and structures.  

Mold and mildew doesn’t just make your deck look bad, it also encourages rot and decay, which makes replacement of boards or an even a whole new deck much more likely down the road. 

5. It’s environmentally clean.

The traditional way of cleaning a deck or sidewalk involves the use of bleach or chemicals that can seep into the ground or groundwater. Pressure washers use water only, resulting in no impact on the environment.


Soft Washing Your Home

Many homeowners new to power washing mistakenly think that a professional cleaner can only do a good job cleaning their home’s exterior if they use very high pressure. But that’s not the case at all. Usually when you hire a contractor, the company will use a technique called soft washing. 

Soft washing streams water at a fairly low pressure rate of less than 1000 PSI, or pounds per square inch. With very high pressure washing, you risk damaging siding or even breaking windows, therefore high pressure, generally upwards of 3500 PSI, is reserved for industrial type jobs such as stripping paint off vehicles and, even then, it must be done in a controlled environment to minimize the risk of property damage or physical injury. 

What to expect when your home is soft washed? Well, it a relatively simple process whereby the side of the building being cleaned is first wetted down with a liquid detergent. Professional cleaners usually have a range of products, depending on the substance being eliminated – algae, mildew, paint or dirt, for example. The product will also be environmentally safe, so plants and animals will not be harmed. 

Once the detergent is applied, it is allowed to sit for a minute and then the pressure washing professional will start the rinsing process, beginning at the top of the building and working on down, saturating the surface and washing away the debris. Your home is left in a like new state, and there is no mildew – nor any damage – to be found. 

All this being said, however, it is always a good idea to ask a lot of questions and make sure you know what chemical, if any, is being put on your siding. A true professional will never take offense.


What to Look for in a Pressure Washing Service

Spring is coming and with it often comes the desire to clean up your building. Even if you don’t suffer the plight of winter storms, it seems to be a natural inclination to spruce everything up, perhaps to highlight the new leaves, shrubbery, flowers and other plantings that burst the world into bright color with the energy of renewed life. Whether you own a home, commercial building or kitchen, parking lot or storefront, a professional pressure washing company can give a fresh look even to an older structure.

Don’t trust just any company; make sure they are licensed, insured and experienced because pressure washing can cause damages to surfaces if done incorrectly. Let a professional pressure washing company thoroughly wash your building if there are concerns regarding mold, mildew, debris, fungus, dirt or graffiti. Additionally, if you have cedar siding and intend to spray your building for insects, an advance professional cleaning can help increase the effectiveness of that treatment. It is also beneficial to have your wooden deck pressured washed prior to staining or seal coating. Pressure washing can also help to quickly clean up patios or landscaped walkways.

Most local pressure washing companies will provide free quotes and a guarantee of your complete satisfaction. Some can even bring their own water source if necessary. In that most of this business can be seasonal, building your confidence in their reliability and service is important for their assurance of a repeat clientele base. As such, you should be able to trust your pressure washing professionals to be trained in how to address your individual cleaning needs, in order to return your home or business back into its former clean condition.

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