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Pressure Washing Service: A Property Manager’s Secret Weapon

Any property manager knows that there are hundreds of small and large tasks that must be done to keep a building and the outdoor areas maintained. From repairing plumbing and maintaining the roof to parking lot repairs and driveway cleaning, there is always something that needs to be done. One way to take several of these maintenance items off the to-do list is to hire a pressure washing service, a property manager’s secret weapon for keeping their property or properties looking beautiful and well-maintained.

Pressure Washing for Property Management

If you manage an apartment complex, several rental properties or a large commercial facility, keeping up with ongoing outdoor maintenance can be difficult. One way to keep up with the exterior cleaning and maintenance is to hire a quality pressure washing service. Even if you have your own maintenance crews for repairs and cleaning, a pressure washing service is mobile and can go wherever you need them while your crew works on other tasks. Some maintenance services to subcontract to a pressure washing service includes:

  • Exterior walls and surfaces
  • Sidewalks and pathways
  • Parking lots and driveways
  • Roofing
  • Fencing and gates
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Pool decks and patios
  • Dumpster areas
  • Vehicle fleets

Many commercial pressure washing services offer maintenance plans, helping you stay on top of your property maintenance and reducing the work for your staff. You know the job will be done right and you will not need to worry about maintaining pressure washing equipment or providing training for this specialized skill.

Make your job easier as a property manager by finding an experienced pressure washing company to become your outdoor maintenance secret weapon.

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Protect Your Brand with Fleet Truck Washing

How much did you spend to add your logo and colors for your business to your fleet trucks? If you own a business that delivers products or services, your fleet trucks are moving billboards for your business. They can reach thousands of potential customers while out serving your existing client base, making them an excellent way to advertise. However, if the image of your brand and business is hidden under a layer of dirt and grime, you could be tarnishing your image. Make a positive impact by investing in fleet truck washing for your business.

Polish Your Brand

It doesn’t matter whether you have a pizza delivery business or plumbing is your game, if you have vehicles that represent your business, they need to be maintained. Dirt and grime are a constant occurrence on the roads, dulling the appearance of your fleet vehicles and your brand. Fleet pressure washing on a regular basis can help keep one of your best representations of your business clean and professional.

While many businesses will undergo fleet washing every few months, this is not enough to keep your vehicles pristine. Consider finding a fleet truck washing service that will regularly come and clean your vehicles, rain or shine. Ongoing maintenance on a set basis can ensure your vehicles and brand are kept clean and presentable, improving the impression you make on potential customers in your community.

Contact a local pressure washing service that offers fleet truck washing to find out about commercial contracts for routine cleaning for your vehicles. It is a wise investment in your business and brand to keep a professional image rolling down the streets of your city.

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Can Pressure Washing Harm My Siding or Deck?

When your siding is streaked with mildew or your wood deck is looking old and gray, a cleaning is in order. The most common way to clean these large outdoor surfaces is with pressure washing. While this method can have excellent results, it can also have risks. If done incorrectly, you could damage your siding or decking, which can be a very expensive mistake. How do you clean your deck and siding without harming these surfaces?

Low-Pressure Washing

The problem with home pressure washers is they may not have enough variance in pressure. Some models may only have two settings, giving you very little control over the amount of pressure. While this is not an issue with paved surfaces, it could be a problem when cleaning siding and decking, especially wood varieties. High pressure can splinter and damage wood decks; it can also damage wood shingles or other types of siding. Also, high pressure can strip stain and paint, not just remove the dirt, mildew and stains.

Low-pressure washing is the safest for removing grime from your wood and vulnerable surfaces without harming the material. Getting just enough pressure to remove dirt and mildew, without affecting paint or digging into the siding or deck takes experience and training, plus the right equipment. For these types of projects, it is best to hire a professional pressure washing company that offers low-pressure options and has the expertise to clean without damaging your siding or deck.

Pressure washing can make your deck and home look like new again, but you want to make sure the right method is used. Hire a low-pressure washing service to get the best results.

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Top 3 Benefits of Hiring a Professional for Pressure Washing Needs

Does your driveway, deck or siding need cleaning? Pressure washing is the best way to clean most outdoor surfaces, but it does require some expertise. While operating a pressure washer may seem simple, there are good reasons to hire a professional to do your outdoor cleaning project, including these three benefits.

  1. Avoid Damage. Pressure washing can remove paint or damage surfaces if not done properly. Professional pressure washers know the power of their equipment and can adjust it to only remove dirt or debris, not the paint, stain or wood. This can prevent expensive damage to your home that cost more than hiring a professional.
  2. Safety. If you need your siding or roof cleaned, this can involve standing on a ladder or on your roof. This can be a safety issue and lead to an injury. Professional pressure washers have the experience and safety equipment to do these high-level jobs without injury. Make sure to check to ensure the company you hire has the proper insurance in case one of the workers is injured while working on your home.
  3. Environmental codes. In some municipalities, there are EPA regulations regarding gray water runoff from pressure washing. Professional pressure washing companies are equipped to use the correct procedures to dispose of gray water to avoid fines for breaking any regulations.

Next time you need a major cleaning project done on the outside of your home, consider the benefits of hiring a professional residential pressure washing company to do the job. Relax and let the experts do the project right to avoid damage, injury or other issues.

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Is it Safe to Pressure Wash Vinyl Siding?

One of the reasons vinyl siding is so popular is that it is easy to maintain. It doesn’t need to be stained or painted every few years; the vinyl is the same color all the way through the siding, so it won’t chip or flake. However, even though vinyl doesn’t need to be painted, it does need to be cleaned. Pressure washing is an ideal way to clean vinyl siding, but you need to know how to do it correctly to protect your home from damage. Here are a few tips:

  • Use soap, then rinse. A mild cleaner can help remove mildew or dirt from the siding. Make sure to use a cleaner that is safe for cleaning vinyl, then rinse thoroughly.
  • Don’t spray too closely. While vinyl siding can withstand pressure washing, full pressure at a close range can damage the siding instead of cleaning it. Step back a few feet to dissipate the extreme pressure to avoid damage.
  • Spray downwards. You don’t want to spray up under the lapped siding. Instead, spray downward to avoid loosening the siding.
  • Avoid fixtures. Eaves, light fixtures, vents and other accents on the house should be avoided. The high pressure could damage these fixtures.
  • Avoid windows. You need to be careful around windows. High pressured water can damage the trim around windows or even break the glass.

If you are concerned about safely pressure washing your vinyl siding, leave it to the professionals. Hiring a professional residential pressure washing company to clean your siding ensures it will be done correctly without damaging other exterior surfaces on your home. While they are there, you can have your roof, driveway, patio or other surfaces around your home cleaned as well.

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4 Reasons to Hire a Pressure Washing Service This Spring

Spring cleaning around your home means sprucing up the outside as well as the inside. There are some tasks that require pressure washing, removing the grime and debris from the winter months. While you can perform some pressure washing yourself if you have the equipment, there are some legitimate reasons to hire a professional. Here are four reasons to leave the big outdoor cleaning jobs to a professional pressure washing service.

  1. Roofing cleaning. Keeping your roof clean will make your home look tidy and protect your roofing. However, pressure washing shingles must be done with care. Quality pressure washing professionals will use low pressure to clean your roof while protecting the shingles from damage.
  2. Driveway stains. Do you have oil or grease stains on your driveway? Let a professional scrub away those stains using methods that will protect the environment; some municipalities require gray water removal that must be done by a professional.
  3. Save time. You have better things to do than pressure wash your deck, patio, siding, roof and driveway. Get it all done in one afternoon with the help of a professional pressure washing service.
  4. Cleaning some areas of your home like the roof, siding and multi-level decking can require pressure washing on a ladder or on your roof. This can be dangerous; let the professionals take the risk – make sure the company you hire is insured and licensed.

Give your home a thorough outdoor spring cleaning this year without straining your back or wasting a whole weekend. Call a local pressure washing service to give all your outdoor surfaces a fresh, clean look for summer.

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Damage From Improper Pressure Washing

Pressure washers can be a great tool to have around the home. When your car needs to be washed or the front driveway is dirty, a pressure washer can quickly do the job. But high pressured water can also damage surfaces if not used properly. Even though professional pressure washing services may clean roofs, home exteriors and decks, you may do damage to these areas if you try this yourself.


For asphalt shingled roofs, pressure washing can be damaging if not done correctly. The high pressure can strip shingles of their protective coating and loosen shingles, causing hundreds if not thousands of dollars in repairs. Many roofs need low pressure to be cleaned and must be carefully washed to not lift or damage the shingles. It is best to have a professional service that is licensed and insured perform this task.

Home Exteriors

Pressure washing is a great way to make your home look new again. However, if your home is painted, you have stucco or brick, you need to be very careful using a pressure washer to clean the exterior. Painted houses can be stripped of their paint, stucco can be ruined and bricks can be damaged. Once again, a professional pressure washing company should perform these projects.


Wood decks do need regular pressure washing to clean off mildew and grime, keeping the wood looking great. However, certain woods can be damaged by too high of pressure. If you try this yourself, be very careful and watch for signs of damage. Or, just hire a professional.

Cleaning cement, pavement or the family car are great uses for your home pressure washer, but when it comes to the big or delicate jobs, hire a local pressure washer service to get the job done right.

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Get Your Patio And Pool Ready For Summer Parties

The summer is full of opportunities to gather with friends and family. From weekend barbecues to a big Fourth of July blowout, your back patio and pool area is where your guests will most likely be on those beautiful summer days. To get your patio, pool deck and fencing all looking their best, you need a deep cleaning to remove the layers of dirt and grime that have accumulated over the last several months. To rejuvenate your outside entertaining area, it may be time to hire a professional pressure washing service. 

Benefits Of Using A Professional Pressure Washing Service

Although many homeowners may own their own pressure washer, there are benefits to hiring a professional for big jobs. Not only can they do the job faster and usually more effectively, they are trained to work on all the different surfaces which you may need cleaned. While pressure washing can leave decks and siding looking like new, if done improperly, it can also ruin the surface. Some of the areas a professional pressure washer can clean when they come to your home include: 

  • Cement or pavement. Get your sidewalks, driveway, pool decks and patios which are made of cement or pavement clean and looking great.
  • Siding. Vinyl siding only needs a good cleaning to look like new again. Have a brick home? Remove mildew and stains to bring out the beauty of your brick surfaces.
  • Wood decks and fences. After a year or two, wood decks and fences can lose their luster. Professional pressure washing can renew the wood while protecting it from harm. 

Now is the time to get your home looking its best for summer. Call your local pressure washing professional to make the exterior of your home shine for your next big summer party!

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Residential Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is when a high pressure mechanical sprayer is used to remove mold, grime, dirt, chipping paint, and such from buildings, vehicles, and concrete surfaces. Many people use pressure washing in order to clean their personal houses in residential areas. Because of the size of houses and the height of stories in homes, it is almost impossible for a house to be cleaned thoroughly with anything other than pressure washing. 

A pressure washer drives a high pressure water pump that creates a high pressure and velocity that removes unwanted particles from the house. Vinyl siding is extremely susceptible to mold and grime on houses. The vinyl clings to moisture and develops a build up that is very hard to remove. Mold also grows very quickly, and if it is not removed completely then it will continue to spread and leave a house looking very unattractive and dirty. 

Some people rent a pressure washer from a local home repair store, but many people hire a residential pressure washing company to offer professional cleaning results. A pressure washer used by a company with experience can offer fast results by using a detergent in the water stream to assist in the cleaning process. Professional washers understand the components of the pressure washing machines and how to offer the best results on residential homes. Safety is very important when using the machine because injuries can result from the pressure of the washer coming into contact with the skin. Many home owners associations have rules regarding pressure washing in order to protect their home owners, so it is important to check with your community before looking into any type of residential pressure washing.

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Pressure Cleaning For Summer Yard Prep

The kids are out of school and summer has arrived. You have a whole summer planned with fun things to do right in your backyard, from swimming to cookouts to graduation or birthday parties.  

But then you take a good look at your deck and your driveway and your walkways. Mold, mildew, weeds and stains. Ugh! 

Who ya gonna call? 

Your friendly neighborhood pressure washing service, that’s who! 

Of course, you could do it all yourself. You could scrape and weed and brush ’til your heart’s content, until you grow calluses on your hands and the summer is almost over. But there are so many advantages to hiring a professional to handle your residential pressure washing

1. It saves you time.  

In just a few hours, the mold and mildew will be gone, the weeds in the cracks will have disappeared and everything will be sparkling clean. And you will have spent your time doing other, more important things, like planning your cookout. 

2. They know what they’re doing.  

Using a pressure cleaner properly takes skill and experience. More importantly, the proper amount of pressure must be applied, or you risk damaging your deck or driveway. 

3. They do a thorough job. 

Because the power washer does the work, the job typically gets completely done. There are no hidden corners still in need of work. 

4. It protects your property and structures.  

Mold and mildew doesn’t just make your deck look bad, it also encourages rot and decay, which makes replacement of boards or an even a whole new deck much more likely down the road. 

5. It’s environmentally clean.

The traditional way of cleaning a deck or sidewalk involves the use of bleach or chemicals that can seep into the ground or groundwater. Pressure washers use water only, resulting in no impact on the environment.

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