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Make Mold and Mildew Disappear with Pressure Washing

The exterior surfaces of a home or business are exposed to many wet elements. While siding, roofs, fencing and paved surfaces are made to withstand the rain and snow, they are not impervious to mold and mildew. These fungal spores tend to grow on almost any surface, creating black and green slime that can detract from the beauty of your property. To make your surfaces look like new again, use pressure washing to clear away accumulated mold and mildew.

Risks of Mold and Mildew

The black streaks on your siding or green slime on your roof is more than just an eyesore. Fungal growths can cause damage to surfaces, especially those that are organic. Wood and shingles can rot under the covering of mold, moss or mildew as the fungal spores take root on the surface. Plus, leaving these spores in place can stain your surfaces.

Use Professional Pressure Washing

Pressure washing can remove most types of fungal growths and leave your surface looking like new again. However, it is important to know how to carefully remove mold and mildew without damaging the surface underneath. Professional pressure washing services have the training to clean various surfaces to remove dirt, mildew and algae growth without harming the structure. The last thing you want is to cause more damage to your structure by accidentally using too much water pressure on a surface.

If your home or building has evidence of mold or mildew on the exterior surfaces, contact a professional power washing service. In just a few hours, your building and surfaces can be free of discoloration and protected from the risks of fungal growths.

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Pressure Cleaning For Summer Yard Prep

The kids are out of school and summer has arrived. You have a whole summer planned with fun things to do right in your backyard, from swimming to cookouts to graduation or birthday parties.  

But then you take a good look at your deck and your driveway and your walkways. Mold, mildew, weeds and stains. Ugh! 

Who ya gonna call? 

Your friendly neighborhood pressure washing service, that’s who! 

Of course, you could do it all yourself. You could scrape and weed and brush ’til your heart’s content, until you grow calluses on your hands and the summer is almost over. But there are so many advantages to hiring a professional to handle your residential pressure washing

1. It saves you time.  

In just a few hours, the mold and mildew will be gone, the weeds in the cracks will have disappeared and everything will be sparkling clean. And you will have spent your time doing other, more important things, like planning your cookout. 

2. They know what they’re doing.  

Using a pressure cleaner properly takes skill and experience. More importantly, the proper amount of pressure must be applied, or you risk damaging your deck or driveway. 

3. They do a thorough job. 

Because the power washer does the work, the job typically gets completely done. There are no hidden corners still in need of work. 

4. It protects your property and structures.  

Mold and mildew doesn’t just make your deck look bad, it also encourages rot and decay, which makes replacement of boards or an even a whole new deck much more likely down the road. 

5. It’s environmentally clean.

The traditional way of cleaning a deck or sidewalk involves the use of bleach or chemicals that can seep into the ground or groundwater. Pressure washers use water only, resulting in no impact on the environment.


Low Pressure Exterior Washing For Painted Houses and Businesses

If you have ever had your home or office exterior pressure washed, you probably know what a conventional pressure washer does to paint.  Pressure washers have their place, but cleaning a painted home or office building is not one of them. 

A conventional pressure washer cleans using a stream of water that has been pressurized to between 2,000psi and 5,000 psi to blast away dirt and debris.  In comparison, the water coming out of a spray nozzle on a garden hose is about 50 psi.  This high pressure water does the job on dirt, but also does a number on the surface being cleaned. 

This is particularly true with paint.  When you pressure wash a painted house or office building, any loose paint or caulk is stripped away.  If you accidently get too close to the house with the pressure washer’s wand or use the wrong tip, even good paint will be stripped off.  As a result, you have no choice but repaint the whole house or office building. 

Low pressure washing is a much better alternative for cleaning the exterior of painted homes and buildings.  Low pressure washing uses effective, biodegradable, environmentally safe chemicals to clean the dirt, mold, mildew, and other debris from the outside of your home or building without harming the existing paint.  The surface is then rinsed with a high volume of low pressure water to safely clean the home or business.

With low pressure washing, all you get is clean.  Unlike conventional pressure washing, there is no danger of any damage to the paint or the underlying surface.  For a clean, great looking painted home or commercial building call your Cumming GA pressure washing contractor.

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