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Beware of Storm Chasers After a Hail Storm

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There are always criminals that are looking to take advantage of a bad situation to make money for themselves. Whether it is someone pretending to be collecting money for a charity or offering to fix damage on your home after a storm, you need to be aware of those trying to steal your money. One of the recent issues has been ‘storm chasers’ that come into towns after a big hail storm and offer fast, cheap repairs on homes with roof damage.

The problem with these ‘storm chasers’ is they rarely give homeowners what they pay for. They either do a poor job fixing the roof, then leave town, or worse, take a down payment and never do any work at all. If you have roof damage due to a hail storm, be careful who you hire to fix your roof. Here are a few tips to avoid being taken advantage of by a storm chaser.

  • Choose a local company. Don’t hire a contractor from out of town. Make sure the roofing company is locally owned and operated.
  • Check their license and insurance information. Contractors must be licensed to work in the city where you live. This should be public record.
  • Look at the permits. Pull the permits needed to do the job and make sure the company name on the permit matches the company you have working for you.
  • Never pay cash for your down payment. If possible, use a credit or debit card for your down payment. This can be easier tracked and is often protected through your bank for fraud.

The golden rule to avoid criminals is that if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. So when someone comes knocking on your door offering to repair your roof for a low price or right away after a hail storm, there is a good chance they are storm chasers. Hire a legit, local company that will do the job right and stand behind their work.

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