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Common Problems with Brick Structures

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Brick structures can last for decades and are known for their longevity. Many of the oldest building in the country are made from brick, as are many of the chimneys. While brick does last, it often does require repairs and maintenance. It is important to know the common issues that can occur over time with brick structures and catch these issues in the early stages for repair. Here are a few things to look for with brick homes, chimneys and other structures.

Vertical Cracks

The normal fluctuations in weather pattern can cause damage to brick. Expanding and shrinking from moisture changes can cause vertical cracks that need to be superficially repaired.

Brick Deterioration

Both bricks and the mortar can deteriorate and may need surface repairs or replacement as they crumble and crack.

Bulging Bricks

If bricks are beginning to bulge, there is a good chance you have a leak or drainage issue that is causing damage. A gutter may be overflowing water down the side of the building, causing underlying corrosion. You may need a gutter and masonry repair.

Settling or Sinking

When a brick building or chimney begin to settle or sink, it could be the foundation or it could be the bricks. Over time, bricks do compact and will settle under the weight of the structure. However, if it is the foundation, more serious settling could be occurring and damaging the entire structure of the home or chimney. Stair-step cracks are often a sign of foundation issues.

When you notice issues with your brick structure, call a masonry expert for an inspection and repair. If caught early, you can often stop more serious damage and reduce the cost of repairs.

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Is the Brick on Your Home Separating?

Brick is beautiful and can last for many decades, with many brick homes lasting centuries. However, time and the elements can take their toll, even on the most well-built brick home. Settling in the foundation and other issues can lead to bricks separating, causing the tell-tale staircase gap that you see on many older brick buildings. So what can you do when you begin having these issues on your home?

Brick repair is not as simple as just filling in the gaps between your bricks with mortar. First, the underlying cause must be addressed. Just repairing the bricks is like putting a bandage on a bullet wound. The problem will just reappear and continue to get worse if not repaired at the foundation or structural level of your home.

For brick home repair, you need a qualified masonry company that can not only fix the gaps in your brick, but repair the underlying cause. In many cases, the foundation is to blame. A settling or sinking foundation can create the staircase gap in brick walls, as well as put the structural integrity of your home at risk. An experienced masonry company that specializes in foundation repair can fix both the base problem and the cosmetic issue of your separating brick, protecting your investment into your home.

Don’t ignore the signs of a foundation issue in your home. If you have noticed cracks forming in your walls or gaps appearing around your bricks, call your local masonry experts for an inspection. They can find the root cause and have it repaired before it causes any more damage to your home.

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