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Chimney Inspections and Buying a Home

When looking at possible new homes, there are many different factors to consider. Size, location, schools, price and possible problems with the home are all on the list of concerns before investing in a new home. While home inspections are used to identify any possible problems in the home, they are only an overview of many different structures and systems in the home. If the home has a fireplace and chimney, a general chimney outside inspection is usually completed, but it may not be enough to find serious problems within the chimney structure.

Benefits of Professional Chimney Inspections

If you are considering buying an older home that has a chimney, it may be worth the investment to have a separate chimney inspection performed by a masonry expert. Chimney structural issues can exist that are not evident and are often missed in standard home inspections. Having a professional chimney inspection before committing to a purchase can benefit the buyer with the following benefits:

  • Identify any deeper chimney problems
  • Save the buyer thousands of dollars in unexpected repairs
  • Peace of mind
  • Options to ask for repair stipulations before purchase
  • Internal inspection of the chimney

Serious structure issues in a chimney can be dangerous and an expensive surprise for new homeowners. It is worth the investment for a professional chimney inspection, especially on homes that have older masonry in place. Choose a masonry expert that perform level one, two and three chimney inspections that are not covered with standard home sale inspections. This can uncover any possible issues or give your potential home a clean bill of chimney health for your peace of mind.

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Does Your Garage Door Lintel Need Replacement?

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The structure supporting the brick or stone around your garage door is called the lintel, a steel frame that can become corroded over the years. This can be a dangerous situation, compromising the structure of the frame that holds your heavy garage door in place. Older garages can be susceptible to lintel damage and may need this structure replaced to prevent collapse.

Signs that your garage door lintel may need replacement can include:

  • Cracks between bricks above or around your garage door
  • A sagging top beam above your garage door
  • Cracks or gaps in the seams around the garage door frame

The garage door lintel is usually a steel beam that goes across the top of the door. The most common place for corrosion or weakness is in the middle of the door, where the least amount of support is located. Not only does the beam need replacement, but the bricks or stone and the material between the lintel and exterior surface will need to be redone.

Lintel damage occurs form water and weather deterioration over the years. Rust and corrosion can occur, leaving your garage door susceptible to weakness. At the first signs of any underlying issues, you should call a masonry expert to examine your garage and determine whether a lintel replacement is needed.

Replacing the lintel on your garage door is a complicated process that should be left to the professionals. Your garage door can weigh several hundred pounds and will need removal before the lintel can be accessed and replaced. Once the interior structure is fixed, you will need new brick or stone to frame in your garage, requiring the expertise of an experienced masonry service. Find a local masonry company that offers lintel and masonry work to restore your old garage to last many more decades.

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