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5 Creative Uses for Golf Carts

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Golf carts are not just for a day out on the course. These personal transportation vehicles can be used in a variety of ways, making life easier and more convenient. Most golf carts can be easily loaded to go anywhere you travel, making them wonderful for use at home and on the go. Here are five creative uses for your golf cart beyond a few rounds on the course.

  1. Camping. Want an easy way to travel around the campground? Bring along your golf cart so those with bad knees or limited mobility can quickly travel to the showers, water or camp store.
  2. Shooting events. Heading to the sporting clays course? A golf cart can make it easier to travel from each station and give your legs a break.
  3. Beach buggy. Many accommodations at the beach are still a good distance from the beach. Make it quick and easy to get to the beach by bringing along your golf cart for personal transportation.
  4. Neighborhood ride. Upgrade your golf cart with a street legal kit for residential street use. Golf carts can be an economical option for quick trips around the neighborhood.
  5. Special events. If you avoid going to some special events due to the amount of walking required, a golf cart can be a way to enjoy these occasions. Bring your golf cart to destination weddings and other events to give you the option to stay off your feet.

There are many ways to use a golf cart, especially for those who have a disability or mobility issues. These personal transportation vehicles can be a wise investment and improve your quality of life.

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Golf Carts: The Ultimate Wedding Rental

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Destination weddings are all the rage right now, with many ending up on rustic farms or on a private beach. These are wonderful settings, a nice change from the boring indoor weddings in chapels or other traditional wedding venues. However, there is one drawback to these natural destinations – they are not easily accessible. Women in high heels and grandparents with bad knees can have a difficult time reaching the spot of your planned nuptials. You need a transportation plan that will accommodate your guests.

Golf carts are the perfect solution for the destination wedding. While you may have considered every little detail of your special day, many do not consider this option. Yet it makes sense to ensure your guests’ safety and comfort. A few good reasons to rent one or more golf carts for your big day in a remote location:

  • You don’t want someone tripping on a clump of hay or falling down a dune on your wedding day. Golf carts provide a safe ride for those in dress shoes or with disabilities.
  • Comfort. A long walk to the ceremony area can be difficult for your older guests. Consider their comfort and offer them a soft seat to ride on to your wedding.
  • Bragging rights. Everyone wants their wedding to be special. Having a well-organized wedding with all the right elements in place, including golf carts with drivers, will give you bragging rights.

Before you say “I do,” head to your local golf cart dealer and inquire about rentals for your big day. Make sure to plan to have designated drivers to haul your guests to and from your destination wedding location.

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Need a Golf Cart? Five Things to Consider Before You Rent

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Golf carts or utility carts are not just for the golf course anymore. Event planners, commercial enterprises and recreational enthusiasts often find themselves in need of a golf cart for the day or weekend. Renting a cart or several is a great way to facilitate your occasional need for convenient transportation without the expense of buying or maintenance. But before you rent a golf cart for your next sporting event, wedding or party, here are five things to consider.

  1. Gas or electric? Most golf carts come in both electric and gas models. Electric models are great for short trips over a few hours; however, longer trips or extended use may require a gas model.
  2. Size. Golf carts come in a wide variety of sizes, from small two-person models to large utility carts that can carry six or more people.
  3. Weight limits. Are you hauling luggage or equipment as well as people? Ask your golf cart rental store about weight limits on your cart and whether they have carts with cargo space.
  4. Street legal. Do you plan on using your cart on the road? Check the laws where you plan to use your cart and make sure you rent a model that has a street legal kit.
  5. Quantity and types. You don’t have to rent just one type of golf cart. Consider getting different sizes and types of carts to cover all your needs for your event.

Not sure what kind of golf cart you need? Call your local golf cart rental store to find out what models are available and explain your needs. They can match you with the right cart for every situation.

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