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Advantages of Keyless Entry Systems

Posted in Home Security

Keypad door locks are part of the “new wave” of home security technologies. Not to be confused with security keypads that are mounted on a wall inside the home and used for arming and disarming an installed alarm system, keypad door pads are used to prevent unauthorized entry into a home or business place. They are mostly installed on the outside of exterior doors (including garage doors), although they may also be used to regulate access to interior rooms as well. With these systems, anyone wishing to enter a home or business place must use the keypad buttons to punch in a secret access code. Keypad door locks are digital systems, i.e., they work through computer programming. There several advantage to these keyless entry systems. 

1)      Never worry about lost keys

With regular door locks, if you lose your key or your key is stolen, it can cost you a pretty penny to change your locks. With keypad door lock systems, you never have to worry about the inconvenience caused by a misplaced key. 

2)      Share your key easily

With regular keys, if you want to share your key with a roommate, family member, or other trusted person, it will be necessary to make a copy of the key, i.e., get the key cut. Having multiple physical copies of a key increases the chances of someone you don’t know or trust getting a hold of the key. With keypad door locks, you can program the system so that each authorized person has a unique access code. You can also create temporary access codes, e.g. for babysitter.

3)      Better home security

Regular door locks can be easily picked by a practiced burglar and by running a quick Internet search, even an amateur thief can learn how to pick locks. Keypad entry systems provide an added layer of protection for your home or business place. The access codes are impossible to duplicate, thus the chances of unauthorized access are greatly diminished.

4)      Easier entry when it counts

The ability to enter your home or office in a quick and alert manner is an important security factor. With keyless entry systems you won’t ever again have to dig in your purse or pocket for your keys, or fiddle at length with a difficult lock. The keypad illuminates when touched so that even in conditions of low visibility, you can quickly punch in the code and make a swift entry.

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