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Home Alarm Systems

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It is no secret that we don’t live in Mayberry. We must lock our cars and lock our homes up tight each night in order to keep out unwanted people. Home alarm systems are a popular way for people to protect their loved ones and their personal belongings from being stolen or damaged by those looking to break in and steal. Home security systems have been around for years, but with today’s advances in technology home security and alarm systems are more versatile than ever before. 

Quality home alarm systems are monitored by security companies. If something happens to set off an alarm, the home alarm monitoring company will contact the closest authorities in order to send help to the home. Home alarm systems can be used to detect strangers coming in, smoke detection, assisted living monitoring, nanny cameras, and more in order to protect the valuables inside the home. While it is true that people who have homes with an alarm system tend to set off the alarm themselves occasionally, security systems have been incredibly beneficial in providing help to people and families that are in trouble in their homes. 

There are different levels of security available with home alarm systems. Choosing one can be a big decision, but staying on budget and within the needed parameters of each family’s desires for protection can help to determine which level of security is appropriate. Each home alarm system can be customized to fit the lifestyle of each individual family. 

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Pros and Cons of Wireless Alarm Systems

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Crime seems on the rise everywhere, with shootings, home invasions, kidnappings and burglaries reported daily in the news. The first thing that comes to mind is security, how to protect your home or business from the derelicts of society.  

Another simple fact of life today is cell phone technology, and the newest innovations in home and business security revolve around wireless systems. But how safe and efficient are they? Following is a list of pros and cons of wireless systems: 

Pro – Many homes and businesses are already fully wireless, so it is easy to coordinate a wireless security system with existing wireless facilities. 

Pro – If  you use a wireless system as your primary security, you forgo the need for a landline phone, thus saving you the cost of a monthly phone bill. 

Pro – Wireless systems take up less physical space. There are not as many wires or boxes as there are with telephone-based systems. Plus, the components can be spaced out around the location for less clutter and to make it more difficult for criminals to deaden the system. 

Con – Wireless systems generally rely on batteries to some degree, and battery packs will only last a couple hours. It’s best to have a system that plugs into the wall, and has a battery backup. 

Con –  Signal strength can be weak sometimes, especially with cheaper wireless systems. Signals can also be weakened by solar flares and stormy weather. 

Con – It is possible for an intruder to jam the signal on a wireless system, although most criminals do not carry jamming devices with them.


Advantages of Keyless Entry Systems

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Keypad door locks are part of the “new wave” of home security technologies. Not to be confused with security keypads that are mounted on a wall inside the home and used for arming and disarming an installed alarm system, keypad door pads are used to prevent unauthorized entry into a home or business place. They are mostly installed on the outside of exterior doors (including garage doors), although they may also be used to regulate access to interior rooms as well. With these systems, anyone wishing to enter a home or business place must use the keypad buttons to punch in a secret access code. Keypad door locks are digital systems, i.e., they work through computer programming. There several advantage to these keyless entry systems. 

1)      Never worry about lost keys

With regular door locks, if you lose your key or your key is stolen, it can cost you a pretty penny to change your locks. With keypad door lock systems, you never have to worry about the inconvenience caused by a misplaced key. 

2)      Share your key easily

With regular keys, if you want to share your key with a roommate, family member, or other trusted person, it will be necessary to make a copy of the key, i.e., get the key cut. Having multiple physical copies of a key increases the chances of someone you don’t know or trust getting a hold of the key. With keypad door locks, you can program the system so that each authorized person has a unique access code. You can also create temporary access codes, e.g. for babysitter.

3)      Better home security

Regular door locks can be easily picked by a practiced burglar and by running a quick Internet search, even an amateur thief can learn how to pick locks. Keypad entry systems provide an added layer of protection for your home or business place. The access codes are impossible to duplicate, thus the chances of unauthorized access are greatly diminished.

4)      Easier entry when it counts

The ability to enter your home or office in a quick and alert manner is an important security factor. With keyless entry systems you won’t ever again have to dig in your purse or pocket for your keys, or fiddle at length with a difficult lock. The keypad illuminates when touched so that even in conditions of low visibility, you can quickly punch in the code and make a swift entry.


Glass Break Detectors For Certain Intrusion Detection

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Glass break detectors take your security to the next level. Traditionally home and office security systems have relied on contact based systems for your windows. If the window is opened then a magnetic circuit is broken and the alarm sounds. The problem with this approach is that if the burglar smashes a pane of glass then the window itself remains closed and so does that magnetic circuit.

Unlike contact detectors, the glass break detectors use radio frequencies to detect the sound of breaking glass and also the vibrations that are associated with breaking glass to offer complete protection for your home or office. Because of the way they work you don’t need a glass break detector for every window. You usually only need one per room or for every twenty five feet of radius that you need to cover in especially large spaces.

It is possible that you may get the occasional false alarm through a glass break detector. This is usually caused by objects that vibrate in a similar way to breaking glass – so the sound of cutlery being smashed together or the ringing of a bell can occasionally set them off, but won’t usually be a regular occurrence and it’s better to be safe than sorry.

A good security installation company can supply you with and install glass break detectors quickly and efficiently, so that you and the people around you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that you’ll be able to react quickly and safely in the event of an intrusion into your private space. If you think about it, you’ll understand how much sense it makes to get some glass break detectors for your home or office.

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