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6 Reasons to Choose Metal Stairs for Your Business

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If you are building a brick and mortar multiple-story business or need a new staircase for your existing business, you have many options available. Concrete, wood or metal are popular choices, with many different design options. While each has its pros and cons, there are some viable reasons to choose metal stairs for your commercial building. Here are six excellent reasons metal stairs are a wise investment for commercial buildings.

  1. Longevity. Metal lasts for decades, especially when properly maintained and coated. Industrial coating protects metal from rust and deterioration and with coating, metal can last longer than other options available.
  2. Durable. If you need stairs that can handle heavy weights or exposure to certain elements, metal can be a great choice. Metal is not porous or edible by pests/terminates, which can be a problem with concrete or wood.
  3. Easy maintenance. Metal stairs are simple to maintain and clean. They can be pressure washed outside or just swept inside. Adding coating can help extend the life of your stairs but is only needed once every several years or more.
  4. Stylish. Metal is easy to customize and can come in many different styles. Metal fabricators can create almost any design.
  5. Versatile. Metal is versatile and can create staircases that can fit almost any space or style option. Open-grate treads are perfect for outside to allow rain, snow and water to pass through for safety.
  6. Easy repair. When repairs are needed, metal can be easily reinforced or parts replaced by a metal fabricator in your area.

For both interior and exterior staircases, metal is a great option for commercial buildings. Contact a metal fabricator to discuss the affordable, durable options available for your new metal staircase.

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Top Benefits of Metal Stairs

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When it comes to building stairs for commercial use, there are several considerations. Budget, durability, use and safety are all factors in determining the best stairs for your business or property. Metal stairs have many benefits and advantages when it comes to commercial use. Here are some of the top advantages of choosing metal stairs for your commercial property.

  • Strength. Metal is strong and can handle heavy traffic and weight. Whether you own an apartment building with foot traffic or a manufacturing facility needing high-weight capabilities, metal stairs can meet the strength needs for your business.
  • Longevity. Metal stairs can last for many years, even decades. When properly maintained, metal can last longer than many other materials and is easily repaired if needed.
  • Versatility. Not all metal stairs are the same. You can have your stairs customized to meet your needs, from indoor stylish options to functional, durable outdoor commercial-grade staircases.
  • Safety. Metal is excellent for providing safe stairs for employees and customers. Non-slip, sturdy stairs made from metal are extremely safe and can help reduce accidents on your property.
  • Budget. Metal stairs are a cost-efficient, fitting almost any budget. They can be less expensive than other options and last longer than other materials.
  • Easy maintenance. Metal stairs are simple to maintain. They are easy to clean and repair; re-coating the stairs every few years can keep them looking great and protect them from damage.

Metal stair offer many valuable benefits, making them a wise investment for many different types of commercial applications. Use an experienced metal fabricator that specializes in customized metal staircases for the highest quality stairs for your business.

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What Part of Your Metal Stairs Need Repair?

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If you own or manage an apartment building or other type of commercial building with metal stairs, you rarely will need to concern yourself with their construction. After all, metal stairs last for years, even decades, without needing repairs. However, even metal will eventually wear down with use and exposure and when it does on a staircase, it can become a hazard. You will need a metal stair fabricator to repair certain parts, but which ones? Do you know the names for the parts of your stairs? Here is the simple breakdown of stair parts and terms to make it easier.

  • Balustrade. The entire railing system of a stairway.
  • Baluster. The part of the balustrade that runs in a vertical direction, holding up the handrail.
  • Bullnose (starting step). The first or bottom step, generally larger in size than the other steps.
  • Flight. On section of staircase between floors or landings.
  • Handrail. The part of the balustrade you hold as you ascend or descend.
  • Landing or Platform. This is the wider flat area at the bottom and top of each flight of staircase. Often there is a landing in the middle of staircase between floors to change directions.
  • Riser. The part of the stair that runs at a right angle at the back of the tread; the flat vertical surface of the step. (not all metal stairs have risers)
  • Stringer. This is the main skeleton of the staircase that supports the risers and treads. Usually there are two, one on each side of the staircase.
  • Tread. The part of the stair you step on, the actual steps of the stairs.
  • Winder. A tread that is wider on one side than the other to help the staircase move in a curved direction, only used on spiral staircases.

These terms can help you explain to a metal stair fabricator what needs repair or replacement. You should inspect all these parts regularly for any rust or weakening as part of your property safety regimen.


Does Your Business’ Metal Staircase Need Repair or Replacement?

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Metal stairs are an excellent investment for commercial properties. Apartment buildings, manufacturing outfits and many other types of business prefer the durability and easy maintenance that metal staircases provide. However, even steel does need some maintenance, including repairs. But when it is more than just a staircase repair that you need to keep your commercial property safe? Here are some signs that you may need a complete metal staircase replacement.

  • Multiple repairs. Have your metal staircases needed repairs constantly over the last few years? If the welds on corners are beginning to give and your treads are starting to rust, it may be time to consider replacement. Fixing the stairs piece by piece will cost you more in the long run, plus eventually you will still need to pay for a replacement.
  • Injuries. Have you already had an employee or customer injure themselves on the stairs due to disrepair? You cannot afford to have a large liability like a crumbling staircase in your business. A new staircase is a drop in the bucket compared to a liability lawsuit.
  • Aesthetics. If your metal staircase is used by customers, you don’t want an old, rusty staircase representing your business. If the integrity of the staircase is compromised, it is time to replace; however, if it looks bad yet is still viable, a professional coating can make it look great again and extend the life of your stairs.

Whether you decide to repair or replace, you need quality metal fabricator. Make sure to choose a company that specializes in commercial metal staircases to ensure you get the best quality and safety built into your metal stairs.

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Metal Stair Repairs

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Commercial buildings are under tight safety protocols these days in order to protect all who enter and exit. Metal stairs are a common construction element in large buildings, and they require constant observation to keep them within protocol. When metal stairs are in need of repair, it is important that a company with a highly dependable reputation is chosen. A metal stairs specialist is committed to being a leader in design, fabrication, and repair of metal stairs. Having a full understanding of how metal stairs should work is highly important when making any type of repair. 

Deteriorated metal staircases can be incredibly dangerous and lead to serious injuries and even death. Corrosion, cracked or broken welds, wear and tear, and impact damage can all lead to failures of metal staircases. When the threads, handrails, or supporting structures have been compromised, repairs are needed right away. While there are many welders out there, only licensed experts should be called upon to make any sort of repair. 

Metal staircases are a huge investment for any commercial building. Regular repairs and maintenance are required to keep them within code of safety regulations. Regular metal stair repairs are also a wise money managing tool, because it is much more cost effective to repair stairs than it is to replace them. Much research is needed to find the highest quality service for metal stair repairs, but it is worth it to be safe for all of those who will step foot on the surface.

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Quality Metal Stairs for Apartments

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Metal stairs for apartment complexes come in a variety of styles, shapes, and sizes.  And, as with any building that’s accessible by the public, safety is top priority. Apartment complex stairs require both ease-of-access and durability. Many staircases or stairways in these cases undergo high traffic because they lead to a large number of apartments. 

Additionally, residents and visitors using apartment complex stairs don’t worry about their maintenance. After all, it’s not their building or problem. Therein is another problem – tenants, residents, and others dragging extremely large and heavy objects up and down the stairs. This alone is more than enough to cause significant damage or wear to apartment staircases…especially those not carefully constructed from stainless steel and other metals to withstand such abuse.

Heavy-duty Apartment Stairs

It’s not uncommon to find apartment complexes with steel stairways with treads made from concrete. When properly constructed and maintained, metal stairs in apartment buildings will endure for decades. 

Important Steel Stair Considerations

  1. Steel stairways can be a bit more expensive than those made from timber (wood). However, when you factor in their durability, it’s often worth it in the long run.
  2. Despite the durability of concrete treads within steel stairways, they might break. If so, you’ll need to have them inspected immediately, and then replaced if necessary.
  3. Steel stairways that have concrete treads are amazingly strong and able to withstand high-traffic and the movement of large, heavy appliances and furniture.
  4. Despite being simple to maintain, steel stairs with concrete treads require maintenance. If the metal ever experiences any rust or corrosion, then be sure to have it professionally treated before painting it. 

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