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Comparing Wood, Metal and Glass Stairs

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If you are adding a staircase to the interior your home or business, you have many different choices to make regarding the design. The first basic decision of the staircase material. Wooden staircases are the most common in homes but they are not the only option. Wood, metal and glass are some of the materials that can be used to create the perfect staircase for your needs. Here are the benefits of each material and how they can enhance your new staircase.

Wood Stairs

Wood is a classic material for staircases and can be used for simple or intricate designs. Wood risers, treads, balusters and railings can be stained, painted or carved. Many staircases are completely made from wood but it is also common to pair wooden treads with metal or glass railings and balusters. A solid wood staircase can last for decades, even centuries.

Metal Stairs

Metal can be a modern or contemporary option for stairs. Talented metal fabricators can create any size or style of metal railings or full staircases. From sleek stainless steel to artistic wrought iron, metal can bring a beautiful element to a staircase design.

Glass, Cable and Other Elements

Cables, glass and other elements can offer a unique style for your staircase. Glass and cables for handrail systems are popular in modern-style homes or businesses for a clean, simple appearance. Both can be paired with wood or metal treads to create the desired look.

You can think outside of the box and create a staircase that is functional and stylish. Contact a staircase designer to explore all the materials and style available to find the right options to create your perfect staircase.

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Staircase Ideas for Small Spaces

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A sprawling staircase can be a beautiful feature in a large home but when space is at a premium, you want to limit the size of your staircase. Small spaces that require a staircase need creative options to climb to different levels. Here are some staircase ideas that require minimal space, offering both a functional and stylish feature to your multi-level building.

Steep, Vertical Staircase

Similar to a ladder, staircases can be created to be vertical, requiring only a few feet of area out of your room. These are very steep stairs but are functional and compact. Various materials and styles can be used to match the décor of the home or space.

Spiral Staircases

An elegant option for adding a staircase in a cramped area is the spiral staircase. Metal or wrought iron spiral staircases are popular due to the strength and versatility of these materials – glass can be used with metal to allow light to pass through. Wood can also be used for spiral stairs, but it tends to be bulkier than metal.

Floating Staircases

Stairs that are supported by the ceiling instead of the floor are floating staircases. These can leave more room underneath the stairs and create a open design for a room. Without risers or footing, floating staircases do not block vision or light, which helps make a room seem larger.

Narrow Wall Staircase

A traditional staircase that is narrow and placed against a wall can save space. The area under the stairs can be used to add a small closet, book shelves or storage space.

Staircases can be beautiful, functional and safe without taking up much space. To find the right compact staircase design for your building, contact an experienced staircase designer for customized options.

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7 Different Styles of Staircases

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Like most design aspects of a building, staircases come in many different styles. Not only are they a functional necessity in multi-level homes and buildings, they can add an element of beauty. The traditional staircase is just the beginning when it comes to options for transitioning the levels of a structure. Here are seven of the most popular styles of staircases that can be used in a building or home design.

  1. Mission. Straight, strong lines are the basis of mission style staircases, made from wood, metal or both. Balusters are integral to the form of this basic style, which is easily customized to fit its surroundings.
  2. Rustic. Using classic materials and designs can create the organic look of a rustic staircase, bringing a earthy appeal to a building.
  3. Southwestern. The southwest has a unique architectural style, as do the staircases that blend in with these buildings.
  4. Tuscan. Elaborate and elegant, Tuscan staircases incorporate intricate ironwork railings and designs to create works of art.
  5. Modern. Glass, stainless steel and metal are the staples of modern staircases, created to offer a sleek texture and streamlined look.
  6. Craftsman. Simplicity with elegance is the basis of the craftsman-style home and the staircases inside.
  7. Traditional. In staircases, traditional style can mean simple or intricate, depending on the home or building. It matches the décor using traditional materials and structure.

Finding the right staircase style can make a substantial difference in the beauty of your home or business. To create the look you desire, finding a staircase designer that can customize a staircase that will blend with your style and enhance the beauty of your building.

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Benefits of Hiring a Stair Design Artist

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Are you building or remodeling a multiple-story home? One of the elements you will need to consider is your staircase. While a conventional staircase is functional, you have the option of exploring artistic construction that can make your staircase a centerpiece. A stair design artist specializes in creating unique staircases that can have many benefits for your home. Here are some reasons to consider hiring a stair design artist.

Match Your Style

A stair design artist can create a staircase that will match and enhance the style of your home. Whether you want a classic look or are striving for a modern or contemporary style, your stair designer can build a staircase that blends with the rest of your home.

Usage of Space

Staircases must be carefully placed to work with the flow of the home. In smaller homes, a spiral staircase can use less space and give you more room. A stair design artist can find the best structural blueprint to maximize space in your home.

Customized Details

Every element of a staircase can be customized to match your style. From the materials used to the shape of your staircase, a designer can create a stunning masterpiece that will improve the beauty of your home. Wrought iron, wood, glass or metals – all can be artistically shaped to build a gorgeous transition to your upper or lower levels.

Add Value

Unique features add value to your home. Make your stairwell one that sets your home apart from the rest by investing in a stair design artist.

Why settle for a boring staircase when you can have one built to match your tastes? Find a talented stair design artist to work with your remodeling or building team to create a perfect staircase for your home.

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