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Has Winter Been Rough on Your Metal Stairs?

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One of the reasons many businesses choose metal stairs is due to their durability and longevity. However, even metal can corrode over time, especially in winter weather. Over the years, the protective coating used on most metal staircases can diminish and expose the metal underneath to rust and corrosion. If you have aging metal stairs, this winter may have been the final blast that compromised your staircase. Here are some signs that you need to repair or replace your stairs.

  • Holes in treads. Inspect the treads on your stairs. Many outdoor metal stairs have perforated treads to allow water to drain through. Often these small holes are the first to show signs of corrosion. Look for holes that have expanded or begun to rust – you may need to replace one or more treads.
  • Check railings. Another area that can become worn is the welds on your railings. Check your handrails to ensure they are not loosened or unstable. If they move, you may need your railings re-welded and reinforced.
  • Excessive rust. Even if your metal stairs seem sturdy, excessive rust covering the structure is a good reason to schedule restoration. Not only will the rust eventually compromise the structure, it is aesthetically unappealing. Restoration can make your stairs look like new again and restore the protective coating to extend the life of your stairs.

If you have multiple problems with your treads and railings, you may need a full stair replacement or restoration. Call your local welding fabricator that specializes in metal staircase installation and restoration to have your stairs inspected and get a quote for repair. It is worth the investment to extend the life of your stairs and prevent expensive injuries.

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