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Types of Window Glass

Now that you’ve decided to replace the windows on your home, the journey has only just begun. Before you get started on you window replacement project, you should put some thought into what type of glass you need for your new windows. Contrary to what you might think, there are a number of choices. 

Sheet glass is what is found on most older homes. It is easy to cut, but it breaks easily and is not very energy efficient. If you’re replacing a pane of glass that’s broken, this type of glass may be your most inexpensive alternative, but it’s probably not the best. 

Another type of glass used for windows is heat-treated, tempered or safety glass. The name speaks for itself, as this glass is designed to have the least impact when it shatters. Tempered glass is used for automobile windshields, but it can also be used in homes for showers or sliding glass doors. 

When shopping for windows, you’ll also come across a type of glass called low-e, or low emissivity, glass. Low-e glass has been treated with an invisible metallic or metallic oxide coating which controls heat transfer. Low-e glass windows cost a little more than other types of windows, but they can cut energy loss by up to 50 percent.

In hotter climates, one might use spectrally treated glass, which has a tinted coating to control the type of light that enters the living space. Homes in parts of the South that have these windows can see a reduction in their cooling bills by as much as 40 percent. 

Patterned glass has a special surface on one side that obscures transparency. This is a great type of glass for privacy in bathrooms, either on windows or a shower stall. 

Given the wide variety of windows on the market, and great differences in price, you might consider using different types of windows throughout your home, based on need. Of course, when in doubt, always consult a window glass specialist.

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