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New Phone? Protect It!

New cell phones can cost more than a new TV or computer. If you buy a top brand like an iPhone, you could be spending several hundred dollars or more on your new phone. You want to make sure your new phone will last and protect it against damage. One of the best ways is to invest in protective gear that will reduce the chance of screen damage, the most common issue with cell phones.

Screen Protectors

A screen protector adds an extra layer of reinforcement to protect the glass of your phone. While there are many versions of screen protectors, you want one that is made to last. A screen protector made from tempered glass is considered the best protection for your screen. This can stop scratches and cracks on your phone for years.

A Protective Case

Envelop your phone in a well-made protective case. You can have a stylish case that is also tough to protect your phone if (and when) you drop it on hard surfaces.

Screen Repair Guarantees

There are cell phone accessory stores that guarantee that their cases and screen protectors will last for years and offer a screen repair guarantee with their products. With these “bundles” you get a case and screen protector, plus the peace of mind that if they fail, your screen will be repaired for free.

Buying protective gear is a small price to pay to protect your expensive new phone. Make your first stop after receiving your new phone at a quality accessories store to purchase a screen protector and case to add armor around your phone. It can make your phone last longer and prevent expensive damage to your phone.

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Save Money by Maintaining and Keeping Your Cell Phone

Most technology becomes cheaper over time. It is less expensive to buy a big screen TV or computer now than it ever has been. But one device seems to only go up in price – the smartphone. A new iPhone or other top brand can cost a thousand dollars or more. While many people are willing to pay to have the latest and greatest phone, there are not as many new bells and whistles with each new model. If you are happy with your current phone, save money by maintaining instead of investing in a new phone.

Protective Gear

The simplest and cheapest way to make your phone last is with quality protective gear. A good screen protector and durable case can protect your phone from damage when it is dropped or put under pressure.

Replace the Battery

If your phone begins to lack in charging power, it is most likely a worn out battery. Invest in replacing your battery after a few years instead of buying a new phone.

Repair Your Phone

Even if your port needs replacement or the screen is cracked, you can still keep your phone. Bring it in for a repair at a quality cell phone repair shop. Most repairs cost a fraction of the cost of a new phone and can extend the life of your phone for another year or more.

Replacing your cell phone is not only expensive, it is a pain. Transferring your contacts, apps and media can be difficult and it can take weeks to get all your settings the way you prefer. Instead of buying a new cell phone at the end of two years, consider maintaining your existing phone and getting another few years from your phone.

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5 Accessories You Need for Your Cell Phone

Do you use your cell phone more than any other device you own? This is very common for most people, depending on their smartphone for texting, calls, GPS, taking pictures and much more. Considering how much you use your cell phone and the high cost of replacement, you want to get the most from each one you own. Here are five accessories that can help you maximize your cell phone’s lifespan and capabilities.

  1. Protective case. Before you even turn on a new cell phone, it should be in a protective case. It is a fact that many new cell phones do not make it 24 hours out of the box before they are dropped or damaged.
  2. Screen protectors. Along with your cell phone case, make sure a screen protector is added before you begin updating the settings on your new phone. Replace these as needed.
  3. Mobile chargers. A car charger and extra USB chargers can help you keep your phone’s battery charged on the go. There are even solar chargers available for times when you are off the grid.
  4. Quality headphones. While many cell phones come with standard ear buds, invest in quality headphones to enjoy your music and media without disturbing those around you.
  5. Quick or wireless charger. For effortless charging, invest in a wireless charger that charges your phone by just setting in on the device. Want a full charge fast? Make sure you have a quick charger that can fully charge most batteries in less than an hour.

To make the most of your cell phone, get the best accessories. Visit a local cell phone accessories retailer to check out all the latest options available for your phone.

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4 Ways to Make Your Smartphone Last Longer

When you spend several hundred dollars on an iPhone, Samsung Galaxy or other smartphone, you want to ensure it lasts until you are ready to replace it. Many smartphones have surpassed the cost of a new computer, making them an expensive luxury. On top of being costly, they are more likely to be damaged due to the amount of mobility and use they endure. Here are four ways to help increase the life of your smartphone to get the most from your investment.

  1. Buy a case and screen protector. Make sure your device is protected from accidents with a durable case and a screen protector. Do not even wait a day to head to your nearest retailer to outfit your new phone in protective gear.
  2. Avoid water. While some new smartphones claim to be waterproof, enough water can still cause damage. Do not use your phone when boating, laying by the pool or while soaking in the tub.
  3. Don’t walk and text. Driving and texting is outlawed in many states for safety but walking and texting can also be dangerous. Not only could you get hurt, but you are more likely to damage your phone if you trip or fall.
  4. Find a local repair shop. If an accident does occur, shattering the screen or causing other damage, consider repair versus replacement. Many times, the damage can be repaired the same day at a local cell phone repair shop.

A few precautions and preventive measures can ensure you get the most value from your new smartphone. Plus, it will help keep it in good condition so that you can get the most value when you sell it when it is time to upgrade, reducing the overall cost for owning the latest in mobile device technology.

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3 Tips for Cell Phone Owners

Cell phones has increased in price over the last few years, especially for popular options like iPhones and Samsung Galaxy devices. It is more important than ever to take good care of your cell phone to ensure that it lasts, or you can face spending hundreds of dollars on replacement. Cell phone owners can protect their investment with a few basic tips that can ensure their devices last as long as possible.

  • Don’t overcharge your battery. For most cell phones, the manufacturer recommends not overcharging the battery. This is one of the most common causes of premature battery failure and low use times. Only put your phone on the charger until the battery reaches 100%, then unplug. It also reduces the risk of fire and other issues linked to leaving your cell phone on a charger.
  • Invest in cell phone protection. Don’t skip the screen protector and case when buying a new cell phone. It only takes a slip of the fingers for your cell phone to go crashing to the ground, often damaging the screen. Invest in a quality case when you purchase your phone and don’t use it without the case on.
  • Know where to bring your cell phone for service. Even if you do damage your phone, you don’t necessarily need to replace it. Find your local cell phone repair shop that offers fast repairs with a quality warranty on their services. This can extend the life of your phone and usually can cost a fraction of the cost of replacement.

Just a few precautions and words of tech-wisdom can help make sure your cell phone lasts until you are ready to upgrade. Follow these tips to extend the life of your cell phone and get the most out of your investment.

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Give Your Old Phone a New Look

Cell phones have become more than just a way to stay connected. They are the unisex accessory that goes with you wherever you go. For many, the look of their cell phone is as important as the clothes they put on each day. It needs to be stylish and fit their personality. If you have been considering replacing your old phone because it no longer reflects your taste, why not just give it a makeover instead? Here are a few ways to give your old phone a new look to avoid the expense of replacement.

  • Fix that cracked screen. Have you been using an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy with a cracked screen for months? Not only does it look bad, it can jeopardize the phone’s components. Get that screen repaired – many quality cell phone repair stores can fix cracks in just a few minutes.
  • Update your case. Your cell phone can look like new again with a simple changing of its outfit. Cases come in thousands of options, including customized styles you make yourself. Pick up a few new cases and change the look of your cell phone to match your mood.
  • Add accessories. How your phone looks is not as important as how well it functions. New accessories like headphones, speakers and chargers can ensure your phone does everything you need.

Buying a new cell phone is expensive. If your existing phone stills works great, keep it and save the money by giving a new look and makeover. Fixing a crack or buying a new case is an affordable way to extend the life of your phone while keeping it fresh and stylish.

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Protect and Personalize Your Smart Phone

Cases have been used to protect cell phones ever since they were as thick as a textbook. With the high cost of iPhones and other high-end smart phones today, however, having a protective case is more important than ever. While there are thousands of choices of cases and screen protectors, why not personalize your case to make your phone stand out in a crowd?

Personalized Smart Phone Cases

The newest way to protect your smart phone is with personalized cases. With a few clicks, you can design your new case to reflect your personality. With many people owning the same phone, this is a great way to make it easy to spot your phone when you are out with your friends. Here are some great personalization options now available for smart phone cases:

  • Add photos. Personalized cases can be made from one or more photos. Some companies offer easy to fill templates, which can hold 12 or more photos you can upload right from your phone, social media site or computer.
  • Add patterns. Choose your own patterns and colors to give your phone case pizazz. You can use these alone, or with other options like personal photos.
  • Different case options. Get the case you need with the personalized look you crave. High end accessory companies give two or more options in personalized cases.

Personalized smart phone cases are also a thoughtful and unique gift for friends and family. Get your own case with a design that matches your personality, and order others for upcoming birthdays and other events. It’s a great way to protect these expensive devices with a flair that only you can create.

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Design Your Own Phone Case

These days it is almost unheard of to see someone without a mobile phone with him or her at all times. Our phones are now the way to keep in touch, to keep up to date, to handle business deals, to make appointments, and to make last minute trades. With so much going on every single day, it is no surprise that many wish to personalize their phones. Mobile shops offer the ability for customers to design their own phone case. Because for so many their mobile phones are almost an extension of their persons, a customized phone case only makes sense. 

There are many different layouts to choose from when designing a phone case. Many people like to go with a graphic design that reflects their personality through color and design. There are whimsy designs, bold, classic, feminine, masculine, adolescent, and many other designs available that can suit the personality of almost anyone. For some, pictures of their families or children are a way to keep family members close at all times. Choosing from a single picture to take up the entire back of the phone or a template where multiple photos can be displayed can add a touch of charm and sentimentality to a mobile device. However, it is always important to think of the importance of privacy when putting family members’ photos on a device that is often seen by others and has the chance of being stolen. That should be taken into consideration for anyone who wishes to put pictures of their most valued loved ones anywhere the public eye can view. 

Customized design your own phone cases are a huge hit among many people. Adding a bit of fun or class to an otherwise typical mobile phone can be a way to set someone apart or to help distance not feel so great. If you would like to design your own phone case, contact your local dealer to see what options are available.

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The Perfect Gift Idea for the Mobile Device Enthusiast

With the holidays approaching, you may be scratching your head trying to figure out what to buy everyone on your list. You want something they will use and enjoy, but also something that reflects their personality. A great gift idea for the mobile device lover on your list is accessories. There is a wide variety of cool cases, Bluetooth headsets and screen protectors the tech-savvy person on your gift list will use and appreciate this year. 

Personalized Cases

Since iPhones, iPads, Galaxy Notes and many other devices are so popular and expensive, a beautiful case is the perfect way to protect these devices. In addition, cases provide a great way to personalize a device, making it unique. Cases come in a wide variety of choices, such as: 

–        Leather

–        Canvas

–        Fashion or brand options

–        Colors, patterns or text 

Headsets and Bluetooth Accessories

Tablets and smart phones are also listening or music devices, making Bluetooth headsets and speakers great accessories to have on hand. There are several options which many mobile device enthusiasts would enjoy receiving as gifts, such as: 

–        Bluetooth stereo headset for personal music enjoyment

–        Bluetooth speaker to share music

–        Stereo headphones 

Other Mobile Device Accessory Ideas

There are many additional accessories which can be purchased for the smart phone or tablet lover in your life. Give them something they will use everyday, such as: 

–        Screen protectors

–        Carrying pouches

–        Holster clip

–        Button decals 

Most accessories for mobile devices are affordable, making them a great gift idea for those buying on a budget. This holiday season, make all the mobile device users on your list happy with a thoughtful accessory for their treasured phone or tablet.

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Protect Your Wireless Device In Style

Wireless devices have become a part of our daily lives, making the idea of going anywhere without one unthinkable to many people. Smartphones make it possible to stay in touch with friends and family on the go, as well as conduct business or just entertain yourself while sitting in a waiting room. To keep these fantastic devices protected from damage, there are countless phone cases and phone covers that will do the job. There’s no need for these cases to be boring, though. 

Stylish Phone Case Options

The cell phone has become more than just an electronic device for many people; it is a part of their personal style and preference. Cases protect these expensive hand-held phones from wear, water damage and even breakage by insulating the fragile exterior. While these cases have always come in a variety of colors, there are many more options to choose from beyond just color. 

  • Bling. Make your device sparkle with crystal covers that add bling to your phone. Choose from a wide variety of shiny covers which range in colors from purple to diamond.
  • Cause. Want to show your support for your favorite cause? Get a case that lets everyone know where you stand on important issues and causes.
  • Personal style. If camo is your personal style, then your phone should reflect that style. Cases come in camo, animal print or floral, whatever your personal style may be.
  • Professional. Your case does not need to be flashy; there are many beautiful cases which are also professional and sleek, making them perfect for those wanting to display a professional image. 

Your phone needs protection to make it last; a quality case can give your phone the protection it needs while reflecting your personal tastes. Get one for all the different sides of your life, from work to play.

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