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New Phone? Protect It!

New cell phones can cost more than a new TV or computer. If you buy a top brand like an iPhone, you could be spending several hundred dollars or more on your new phone. You want to make sure your new phone will last and protect it against damage. One of the best ways is to invest in protective gear that will reduce the chance of screen damage, the most common issue with cell phones.

Screen Protectors

A screen protector adds an extra layer of reinforcement to protect the glass of your phone. While there are many versions of screen protectors, you want one that is made to last. A screen protector made from tempered glass is considered the best protection for your screen. This can stop scratches and cracks on your phone for years.

A Protective Case

Envelop your phone in a well-made protective case. You can have a stylish case that is also tough to protect your phone if (and when) you drop it on hard surfaces.

Screen Repair Guarantees

There are cell phone accessory stores that guarantee that their cases and screen protectors will last for years and offer a screen repair guarantee with their products. With these “bundles” you get a case and screen protector, plus the peace of mind that if they fail, your screen will be repaired for free.

Buying protective gear is a small price to pay to protect your expensive new phone. Make your first stop after receiving your new phone at a quality accessories store to purchase a screen protector and case to add armor around your phone. It can make your phone last longer and prevent expensive damage to your phone.

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Extend the Life of Your Cell Phone

Whether you own the latest iPhone or an older model Samsung Galaxy, you know how expensive these new cell phones can be. The old ‘free’ phone is hard to come by if you want the latest technology and many people spend hundreds of dollars to get the newest cell phone on the market. Once you finally have that cell phone in your possession, you hope that it will last a year or two before you need to upgrade again. Unfortunately, these small and expensive devices can be easily damaged. So how can you protect your investment?

Protecting Your New Cell Phone

Your cell phone goes everywhere you go, making it even more likely to get damaged. From impact and pressure damage from dropping or sitting on your phone to water damage from spilled drinks or being dropped in the pool, your phone can be exposed to many hazards. Although there are no fool-proof ways to protect your phone, it is worth the investment to add some protection, such as:

  • Hard cover cases. Hard cover cases can reduce the amount of cracks and scratches your new phone will get. It is much less expensive to replace a case than your phone.
  • Screen protectors. Protection for your screen is a must if you are accident prone or lead an active lifestyle.
  • Skins or covers. While not as effective as a hard case, skins or another decorative covers still provide some protection while personalizing the look of your phone.

But even with screen protectors and cases, cell phones still can get damaged. The good news is that a cracked screen or water damage does not necessarily mean that you need a new phone. There are now many convenient cell phone repair shops in malls and retail shopping centers that can fix most cell phone issues for a fraction of the cost of replacement.

By using protection gear and the occasional cell phone repair at a local shop, you can make your new cell phone last – at least until the next hot model of phone is released!

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