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Tips to Protect Your Phone From Damage

If you are like most people, you depend on your smartphone for everything from actual phone calls and texts to navigation and social media. It goes everywhere you go, making it very susceptible to damage. A slip of the fingers and your phone can have a devastating crash on the pavement or land in the ocean. While it is impossible to prevent all damage, there are ways to limit the risk. Here are a few tips to extend the life of your phone.

  • Buy a quality case and screen protector. One of the bare necessities for protecting your cell phone is outer protection. A screen protector and case can give your phone extra insulation from screen cracks, scratches and even water damage. Plus, with custom options for cases, you can personalize the look of your phone.
  • Keep your phone away from metal objects. If you place your phone in your pocket or your purse, make sure it is not next to your keys or other metal objects. Keys are notorious for scratching cell phone screens.
  • Be wary of water. If you are going to be around water, leave your cell phone somewhere dry. Whether you are in the bathroom, at the beach or by the pool, leave your phone elsewhere. It is just a matter of time before it ends up in the surf or in the toilet, possibly ruining your phone.

Even with diligence in reducing the risk for damage, it still can happen. Keep in mind that most minor damage like screen cracks, water damage and battery issues can be fixed at local mobile device repair shops for a fraction of the price of replacement.

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Extend the Life of Your Cell Phone

Whether you own the latest iPhone or an older model Samsung Galaxy, you know how expensive these new cell phones can be. The old ‘free’ phone is hard to come by if you want the latest technology and many people spend hundreds of dollars to get the newest cell phone on the market. Once you finally have that cell phone in your possession, you hope that it will last a year or two before you need to upgrade again. Unfortunately, these small and expensive devices can be easily damaged. So how can you protect your investment?

Protecting Your New Cell Phone

Your cell phone goes everywhere you go, making it even more likely to get damaged. From impact and pressure damage from dropping or sitting on your phone to water damage from spilled drinks or being dropped in the pool, your phone can be exposed to many hazards. Although there are no fool-proof ways to protect your phone, it is worth the investment to add some protection, such as:

  • Hard cover cases. Hard cover cases can reduce the amount of cracks and scratches your new phone will get. It is much less expensive to replace a case than your phone.
  • Screen protectors. Protection for your screen is a must if you are accident prone or lead an active lifestyle.
  • Skins or covers. While not as effective as a hard case, skins or another decorative covers still provide some protection while personalizing the look of your phone.

But even with screen protectors and cases, cell phones still can get damaged. The good news is that a cracked screen or water damage does not necessarily mean that you need a new phone. There are now many convenient cell phone repair shops in malls and retail shopping centers that can fix most cell phone issues for a fraction of the cost of replacement.

By using protection gear and the occasional cell phone repair at a local shop, you can make your new cell phone last – at least until the next hot model of phone is released!

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Protect Your Cell Phone In Style

Cell phones have gone from just an emergency or convenience device to one of the most important items people own. They connect their owners to the world, offering many of the same capabilities as a computer, camera and in one small, hand held frame. Unfortunately, since these devices are carried everywhere and used heavily, they are also consistently placed in danger of damage. Since most smartphone owners depend on their devices to keep them connected, protecting these precious items should be a top priority. 

Stylish Protection For Mobile Devices

Cases or covers for smartphones and other mobile devices are essential to protect them from damage. The LCD and touchscreens on these electronics can be easily scratched or cracked during everyday use without some form of protection. Additionally, covers can protect these devices from moisture, which can destroy the delicate electronic components that allow users to connect with the entire world at a touch of a finger. 

Since these devices travel with their owners almost everywhere they go, style is also important to many consumers. The good news is that a wide variety of cases and covers are available, offering not only protection, but also an opportunity to reflect the style and personality of their owner. Some options of these designer covers and cases include: 

  • Name brand and designer covers and cases used by popular personalities and celebrities
  • Screen protectors
  • Jeweled and unique color patterns
  • Suede and other fabrics for ultimate style 

There’s no reason to leave a smartphone or tablet unprotected with so many stylish options in covers and cases. These trendy covers can extend the life of mobile devices while showcasing the unique style of their owners, offering both aesthetic and practical appeal.

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Protect Your Wireless Device In Style

Wireless devices have become a part of our daily lives, making the idea of going anywhere without one unthinkable to many people. Smartphones make it possible to stay in touch with friends and family on the go, as well as conduct business or just entertain yourself while sitting in a waiting room. To keep these fantastic devices protected from damage, there are countless phone cases and phone covers that will do the job. There’s no need for these cases to be boring, though. 

Stylish Phone Case Options

The cell phone has become more than just an electronic device for many people; it is a part of their personal style and preference. Cases protect these expensive hand-held phones from wear, water damage and even breakage by insulating the fragile exterior. While these cases have always come in a variety of colors, there are many more options to choose from beyond just color. 

  • Bling. Make your device sparkle with crystal covers that add bling to your phone. Choose from a wide variety of shiny covers which range in colors from purple to diamond.
  • Cause. Want to show your support for your favorite cause? Get a case that lets everyone know where you stand on important issues and causes.
  • Personal style. If camo is your personal style, then your phone should reflect that style. Cases come in camo, animal print or floral, whatever your personal style may be.
  • Professional. Your case does not need to be flashy; there are many beautiful cases which are also professional and sleek, making them perfect for those wanting to display a professional image. 

Your phone needs protection to make it last; a quality case can give your phone the protection it needs while reflecting your personal tastes. Get one for all the different sides of your life, from work to play.

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