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How to Save Money with a Cell Phone Repair Service

Smartphones can cost several hundred dollars to replace at retail price. These incredible devices have so many features and possible applications, but they are expensive to buy and service. If you have a newer iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, you want to ensure it lasts. But, as expensive as these phones are, they are still vulnerable to damage. Should you sign up for phone insurance for protection? Before you do that, consider how a cell phone repair service can save you money and have other benefits.

Pay Only When You Need It

Unlike cell phone insurance, a repair service only costs you money when you use it. You could spend hundreds of dollars on phone insurance and never use it – even if you do, many plans require you to pay a deductible. Save money and choose a quality, affordable cell phone repair service instead.

Sign Up for Unlimited Screen Replacements

Are you active and constantly crack your cell phone screen? Some cell phone repair services offer plans to give you unlimited screen repairs for the life of your phone. This can save you plenty of money and extend the life of your phone.

Same-Day Repairs

Unlike insurance options, cell phone repair stores can fix your cell phone the same day. No need to switch your service or apps to another phone; many repair places can fix your cell phone while you wait.

Stop paying for expensive insurance and find a local cell phone repair service that can fix your phone if or when you need it. It can save you money and is much more convenient than mail-order phone repairs through insurance companies.

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Top 3 Reasons to Bring Your Cell Phone to a Repair Specialist

Are you having problems with your cell phone? If you have been toying with the idea of buying a new phone, consider the option of repair. Think about it. Do you really want to spend hundreds of dollars on a new phone? Plus, you need to switch all your apps, contacts, media and other data to your new phone. Here are three reasons to consider bringing your cell phone to a repair specialist before you decide to buy new.

  1. Save money. A repair can be a fraction of the cost of a new cell phone. Why waste money on a new phone when yours can be fixed to work like new again? Give your phone a life extension and spend that money on something else you need or want.


  1. Same day service. The best cell phone repair shops can fix cell phones the same day, often in just minutes. You can get your phone repaired without worrying about being without your phone.


  1. Trade it in. What if your phone can’t be fixed or the repair cost is too much? Some repair shops will buy your broken or used phone for cash. Let them take a look at it and perform a diagnostic – if it’s not worth fixing, they may buy your phone and give you a down payment on a new cell phone.

Don’t automatically give up on your cell phone just because it has a cracked display or won’t stay charged. Bring it to a cell phone repair specialist to explore your options before you pursue buying an expensive new phone.

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Don’t Replace Your Cell Phone – Repair It!

Cell phones, especially smartphones like iPhones and Samsung Galaxies, are not cheap. In fact, many of these smartphones cost as much as a computer. The problem is that although they can perform incredible functions, these phones are very vulnerable to damage. Even with cases and covers for protection, it is common for these cell phones to have impact, water or pressure damage. If this happens to your expensive phone, what do you do? Before you fork out hundreds of dollars for a new phone, consider repair.

A decade ago, no one would spend the money to repair a cell phone. It was less expensive to just buy a new one or get an early upgrade for a nearly free phone. However, times have changed and it is more expensive to replace these new mini-computers. Instead, many people are choosing to repair their cell phones at local repair shops in malls and shopping centers. The benefit of repair over replacement includes:

  • Save money. Repairs on cracked screens or battery replacement are a fraction of the cost of replacement.
  • Keep your phone. You love your phone and are finally used to all its functions, so why start again with a new phone?
  • Save time. Getting a new phone means switching all your applications and features over to your new phone, which can take hours to complete.

The next time you drop your cell phone into the pool or accidentally sit on it, cracking the screen, bring it to your local cell phone repair shop. Often they can fix your cell phone in just a few minutes while you wait. It is a faster, easier way to get your phone looking and working like new again without the hassle or expense of replacement.

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What Damage Can Be Repaired on a Smartphone?

If you own an iPhone, Samsung Galaxy or any other smartphone, you know how expensive these phones are to buy new at full price. So what happens when you drop your new phone in the toilet or it gets sat on when you leave it on the seat of your car? Many of these phones can cost upwards of $400, so is it possible to repair these phones instead of replacing them? Yes it is! There are now local cell phone repair shops that can quickly and affordably repair smartphones, extending the life of these spendy phones. Here are some common repairs that can be fixed on iPhones and other expensive smartphones:

  • Screen damage. What is the most likely component to get damaged on a smartphone? The large glass display. Pressure or impact can cause cracks or chips in the screen, making it difficult to use the touchscreen. This is an easy repair and should be done as quickly as possible. With a cracked screen, the phone is more susceptible to other types of damage.
  • Water damage. Moisture and smartphones don’t mix. Even with better water protection built in, a submerged phone rarely gets out without any damage. But what once was a death sentence for any cell phone is now a common issue that can fixed at a cell phone repair shop.
  • LCD components. Whether they get damaged or just wear out, LCD components are an important aspect of your smartphone’s performance. These parts can be replaced so your phone works like new again.

You no longer have to spend a small fortune to replace your cell phone when it gets damaged. Find a quality cell phone repair shop with good customer reviews to complete repairs to get more life out of your expensive smartphones.

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Does Your Smartphone Need Some TLC?

Smartphones have become one of the most used devices of our time, keeping people connected wherever they go. Unfortunately, they are also expensive, costing hundreds of dollars to replace when they are damaged. Luckily, due to the large demand for these devices, there are now ways to preserve many of these phones with affordable cell phone repairs which can make them last much longer before they need to be replaced. 

Types Of Smartphone Repairs

Like all types of electronics, there are times when it is better just to replace the smartphone than to spend hundreds of dollars on repairing them. However, there are many smaller issues that can be quickly and easily fixed, making the phone just like new again. Before trading in or tossing out your phone, consider these repairs that can be made. 

–        Front glass. On many iPhones, the front glass can become scratched or cracked, making it hard to use. This glass can be repaired or replaced by experienced technicians, making the phone look like new again.

–        Water damage. Water is the enemy of most cell phones. Countless phones have been accidentally exposed to water, then thrown away. Often these phones can be repaired, costing much less than replacement.

–        LCD damage. If the LCD component is malfunctioning on a phone like an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, it can often be repaired quickly without creating the need for expensive replacement of the device.

–        Battery replacement. Many times when a phone dies, it is just in need of a battery replacement. Before spending the money to replace it, have an expert check to see if it just needs a new battery. 

Next time your smartphone has outer damage or is not working properly, call a local smartphone repair company to see if it can be repaired. If not, some offer to buy used phones, working or not, and can also give you a good deal on replacement phones if yours cannot be repaired.

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