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What To Do If Your Phone or Tablet Gets Wet

It happens all the time – you knock over a beverage on your tablet or get thrown into the pool with your cell phone in your back pocket. We all know that electronic devices and water don’t mix and often water damage can be the end of your expensive mobile device. However, if you act fast, sometime you can reduce the damage and save your device. The next time your cell phone or tablet gets wet, here are some tips to minimize the damage.

  • Turn it off. First and foremost, you need to switch off your cell phone or tablet. You don’t want the electrical circuits trying to work while it is wet. If you can, take out the battery completely.
  • Dissemble your device. Take any parts out that you can including your battery, SIM card and SD card. Blot all the parts and slots with absorbent tissue to remove as much water as possible
  • Dry the components. There are a few ways you can try and remove the moisture. Using a hair dryer is one option. Putting your parts on a pan and letting them dry in the oven on the ‘warm’ setting can help. Also, putting your hardware in a bowl of rice overnight can help pull out the moisture.

Many times by acting fast, you can prevent sustained water damage to your cell phone or tablet. However, that is not always the case. If your efforts do not work at all or you begin to have issues after your device was exposed to water, you still may be able to have it repaired. Bring it to a local cell phone and tablet repair store to see if they can fix the water damage. It is much less expensive than paying for a whole new cell phone or tablet and often they can repair the damage the same day.

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Don’t Replace Your iPhone- Repair it Instead!

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iPhones are by far the most popular cell phones on the planet. They offer a sleek, stylish design with incredible features and application options that make it hard to live without. If you love your iPhone, it probably travels with you everywhere you go to help you stay in touch, stay on schedule and even buy what you need. The problem is that this heavy use can make it very easy for your iPhone to become damaged and one thing these devices are not is cheap to replace. So what do you do when your phone is damaged and you can’t afford to buy a new one? 

Due to the popularity of iPhones and other smartphones, there are new options available to repair your phone quickly and affordably. In most major cities, there are service companies that specialize in fast repair of iPhones, usually fixing most common problems the same day. Some repairs that are available include: 

  • Screen problems. Cracked and damaged screens are the most common issues with iPhones. Many cell phone repair companies can repair or replace screens in just a few minutes.
  • Dead batteries. If the battery is dead or not charging properly, this can usually be fixed in a walk-in repair shop.
  • Water damage. It is almost impossible to keep liquid away from your iPhone. Water damage mitigation is a common on-the-spot repair. 

If your iPhone has screen, LCD, battery or water damage, don’t empty your bank account buying a new phone. Call a local cell phone repair shop and see if you can have your iPhone repaired for the fraction of the cost of replacement. Some repair companies even offer house calls, coming to you to do the repair.

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iPhone Water Damage Repair

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As with most things electronic, the iPhone and water do not mix.   Accidents however happen all of the time where a person’s iPhone will drop out of their pocket when walking in the rain towards their car or get wet when their young child is playing with it in the bathroom. 

No matter how it happens once it is wet, in most cases, it stops working and is a big problem!  In the past, the solution to the problem was to hope you had an insurance policy on the phone or you ended up paying the full price for a new phone, if you were not eligible for an upgrade from your carrier and the device was not insured.  Now it is possible in most cases for a highly trained and certified technician to restore a wet iPhone in less than 1 hour! 

The process to have the iPhone repair is quick, painless and economical.  The first step is to contact the certified repair technician, by phone, to discuss the damage, as soon as the device gets wet.  The technician will tell you what steps must be immediately taken in order to increase the chances of the iPhone being restored. 

The next step is to drop off the phone to the nearest repair facility or to have the technician visit the owner’s home or business to make the repairs on the spot.  The repair involves giving the device a thorough ultrasonic cleaning.  Once the iPhone is cleaned, it will usually function just like it did before it got wet.


Repairing Your iPhone Screen Instead of Buying a New iPhone

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Most people enter a 2-year contract with their wireless or cell phone provider when purchasing a new iPhone.

Oftentimes, you’ll receive a discount or subsidy from your wireless provider who reduces the cost of your new iPhone from as much as $599 to about $199. Your wireless provider is quite comfortable offering you such a discount because they usually bind you to at least 2 years of service. Typically, this is a win-win for your wireless provider and you…as long as your iPhone is still operational for the entire two years. If not, then you’ll find yourself in quite a dilemma.

Your iPhone Dilemma

The reason for such a dilemma is because you simply can’t purchase another iPhone for the discount rate ($199). The discount or subsidy provided by your wireless provider only covers your first device.

Therefore, if your iPhone’s screen gets cracked or shatters, you won’t be able to use your device. In such cases, you’ll end up paying full price ($599 or more) to get a replacement phone. And, even purchasing a used iPhone is often a bit more expensive than getting a new discounted iPhone from your wireless provider.

Knowing Your Options

It’s important and beneficial to know what options you have if your iPhone screen needs repair. Depending on the damage done, your iPhone’s warranty may cover it. But, it also may not.

Therefore, if you’re in a situation in which your iPhone repairs are not covered by warranty, then your best option is to find a specialist that can repair your iPhone’s screen. An iPhone screen repair company is perhaps your most inexpensive option. Otherwise, you’ll have to lay down hundreds of your hard-earned dollars to replace your iPhone. So, if you want to avoid the unnecessary expense of a new iPhone, simply find a reputable company to fix the screen. This can save you lots of cash.

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