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Benefits of Rubber Conveyor Belts

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There are many different types of conveyor belts available in various materials, shapes and patterns. One of the most common belts used across many industries is the rubber variety. Rubber belts are considered a general or multi-purpose conveyor belt that can be used in many industries. Here are some of the benefits and attributes of rubber conveyor belts.

  • Handles high and low friction. Rubber is a good material for conveyor belts that undergo high friction, such as inclining or declining applications. It can also handle low friction for accumulation or heavy loads.
  • Food grade. Special rubber conveyor belts are used for many food grade applications in manufacturing edible products. However, it is important to ensure that the belt is food grade and certified for use in the food industry.
  • Cut and oil resistant. Rubber is a durable material that can withstand sharp objects cutting the belt and does not react with oily substances.
  • High temperatures. Rubber conveyor belts are an excellent choice for handling high temperature conditions or products.
  • Versatile. Rubber conveyor belts can be customized for texture and cleating as needed to meet a variety of needs.

If you are trying to decide the right conveyor belt for your needs, rubber materials tend to meet most general purposes. However, you want the right material and design to get the best results. Contact a conveyor belt manufacturer and supplier that offers many different types of belts to get more information on what will best suit your business. In many cases, rubber conveyor belts are the best option, but heavy or wet objects, metal belts may be a better option. Talk to your conveyor belt experts to find out if rubber is right for your next conveyor belt purchase.

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How to Save Money with a Cell Phone Repair Service

Smartphones can cost several hundred dollars to replace at retail price. These incredible devices have so many features and possible applications, but they are expensive to buy and service. If you have a newer iPhone or Samsung Galaxy, you want to ensure it lasts. But, as expensive as these phones are, they are still vulnerable to damage. Should you sign up for phone insurance for protection? Before you do that, consider how a cell phone repair service can save you money and have other benefits.

Pay Only When You Need It

Unlike cell phone insurance, a repair service only costs you money when you use it. You could spend hundreds of dollars on phone insurance and never use it – even if you do, many plans require you to pay a deductible. Save money and choose a quality, affordable cell phone repair service instead.

Sign Up for Unlimited Screen Replacements

Are you active and constantly crack your cell phone screen? Some cell phone repair services offer plans to give you unlimited screen repairs for the life of your phone. This can save you plenty of money and extend the life of your phone.

Same-Day Repairs

Unlike insurance options, cell phone repair stores can fix your cell phone the same day. No need to switch your service or apps to another phone; many repair places can fix your cell phone while you wait.

Stop paying for expensive insurance and find a local cell phone repair service that can fix your phone if or when you need it. It can save you money and is much more convenient than mail-order phone repairs through insurance companies.

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Safety Tips for Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is a quick and efficient way to maintain your home, rinsing away dirt, moss, mildew and other substances from your surfaces. However, pressure washing correctly and safely is sometimes more difficult than it seems. The high-water pressure can damage some surfaces and it can be risky to try and pressure some areas on your own. Here are a few pressure washing safety tips to prevent injury and damage.

Wear the Right Gear

The stream that comes out of a pressure washer can cut into the flesh and cause serious injury. You don’t want to be wearing shorts and sandals when pressure washing around your home. Gear you should wear for protection include:

  • Goggles
  • Gloves
  • Boots
  • Long pants

Check Surfaces

Pressure washing can do damage to some surfaces. Soft woods can be splintered by too high of pressure and paint can be removed from some surfaces. If you are not sure, try a small area that will not be noticeable or use the lowest pressure possible. Roofs can be severely damaged by the wrong pressure, which can be a very expensive mistake.

Have a Partner

If you will be pressure washing on the street or on the roof, you need someone to help you for safety. They can watch for traffic; you don’t want to accidentally spray a bicyclist or pedestrian with high-pressured water. They can also be there to help secure a safety harness if you are working on the roof.

Hire a Professional for Big Jobs

The best advice for safety is to hire a professional pressure washing service for big jobs. Cleaning roofs, driveways and decks can have many safety and damage risks. Let the professionals do these larger projects to avoid injury or expensive damage around your home.

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Does Your Bay Window Need Help?

Bay windows add beauty and character to a home. However, these heavy windows need sufficient support to keep them level and functional. If you have a bay window in your home that looks un-level or no longer will open/close, there may be structural damage causing the problem. Often, it is not the window that is the problem; the window is only a symptom of other issues occurring in the support system of the house.

In homes with original bay windows, a sagging window or functional issues can be signs of a foundation problem. The foundation could be settling or there could be structural issues within the support walls that are allowing the window to become unstable. Since bay windows tend to be heavier than other windows, they can be the first symptom of a structural issue.

If a bay window is part of an addition to the home, the problem may lie in the construction of the addition. Many additions are not properly built to support the weight of a heavy bay window. In these cases, adding the correct support can resolve the problem and ensure the addition is designed to accommodate the weight of the larger window.

If you have a bay window that needs help, you may want to call a foundation expert first, not your local window contractor. Replacing or repairing the window may only put a bandage on the real problem. Since bay window issues are often caused by foundation or structural damage, it is best to have your home inspected for larger issues before wasting money on a window repair. Call a masonry or foundation expert that can fix both any structural damage and your window for the best results.

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Does Your Pool Deck Need a Makeover?

Long days by the pool are a wonderful way to relax. You can enjoy the view of the blue sky, the cool breeze coming off the water on your pool and take in your surroundings. It also gives you time to notice all the wear and tear that your pool deck has endured over the years. Hot sun, chlorinated water and countless feet may have taken their toll, leaving your pool looking slightly haggard. Is it time for a makeover of your pool deck?

Cracks, chips and faded pool deck materials can detract from the beauty of your pool area. But it is not just aesthetics that you should worry about. Wear can lead to drainage issues, slippery spots and other risky problems that can cause injury. Plus, an old pool deck can devalue your home, a major concern if you plan on selling in the future.

Natural Stone Pool Deck Makeovers

If you are noticing your pool deck needs a makeover, consider the benefits of a natural stone paver pool deck. Stone pavers made from tumbled travertine or marble make excellent pool decks that add value to your home with several benefits, including:

  • Natural, classic beauty
  • Cool surface for bare feet
  • Fade resistance
  • Excellent drainage capabilities
  • Unique design possibilities

In addition, tumbled stone pavers are durable and easy to maintain. They can easily be individually repaired or replaced and take very little to keep them looking beautiful for many years to come.

If it is time for a pool deck makeover at your home, call your local natural stone paver that offers pool deck construction to learn more about the benefits of a marble or travertine pool deck.

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Does Your Home Need a Makeover?

Your home is your castle and one of the most expensive assets most people own. Keeping it maintained protects its value and your investment. If your home is starting to look rundown, it may be time for a makeover. Not only can a few home improvements make your home look better and maintain its value, it can help make your home more efficient. Here are the top three improvements that should be considered when remodeling your home.

New Roofing

Your home’s roof is vital for protecting your investment from the elements. A leak can cause thousands of dollars in damage. If your roof is beginning to fall apart, it is time to consider replacement. Whether you choose asphalt, cedar shingles or metal, replacing your roof is a wise investment.


Nothing can make your home look new again like new siding. Vinyl siding is a great option; it is easy to maintain and does not need painting to keep it looking like new. In addition, it can help with insulating your home to help save on energy costs.

Replacing Windows

Not only can replacing windows in your home make it look better, it can save money on your energy bills. Old windows without insulation properties seep air and make it difficult to maintain climate control in the home. Energy efficient windows can drastically impact your heating and cooling cost, usually paying for themselves over a few years.

When doing a makeover on your home, start with the most important aspects that impact the value: roof, siding and windows. Once those are complete, you can tackle aesthetic aspects like landscaping, outdoor living spaces and other features to improve the beauty of your home.

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Does Your Conveyor Timing Belt Need to Be Replaced?

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Conveyor systems are a vital component of many shipping and manufacturing operations. Downtime costs money lost in production and labor. While there are many different maintenance requirements in conveyors to keep them running smoothly, one part of your conveyor can make everything come to a standstill. Timing belts are the workhorses of most manufacturing equipment, including your conveyor system. If one breaks, your entire assembly line can come to a halt.

Timing belts synchronize the internal systems of a conveyor belt, coordinating the different systems so they run smoothly. Just like the timing belts in a vehicle, they ensure all systems are working together. In conveyor belt systems, the timing belt is working with the conveyor pulleys and other components to ensure the belts pause or accelerate as needed on the different platforms of the machinery.

When a timing belt breaks, the conveyor system can no longer function. This is true of almost any engine that has a timing component to mesh the different systems. The timing belt keeps all the systems working together to run smoothly. Once it is lost, so is the mechanical integrity of the conveyor belt.

The problem with timing belts is they can break at any time, often without warning. Regular service and maintenance is the best way to ensure they are changed as needed if they become worn. This can ensure your production line keeps moving on schedule and no downtime is needed for an unexpected timing belt replacement.

Your conveyor manufacturer should have recommended intervals for preventive replacement of your timing belt to avoid costly breakdowns. Keep up with your routine replacement of timing belts and ensure you have extra belts on hand from your industrial supplier to prevent unexpected timing belt problems.

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Protect the Investment in Your Roof with Regular Cleaning

The roof of your home is one of the most expensive components to replace. You want to make sure it lasts as long as possible before needing to invest in a new roof. One of the best ways to protect your roof and extend the lifespan is with regular cleaning. Removing debris, moss and dirt can help minimize damage and add years to the life of your roof.

Cleaning your roof is best done with low-pressure washing. While sweeping can remove loose debris, it does not clean off moss, mildew and other substances that can ruin your roof and detract from the beauty of your home. A pressure washer is the best tool for the job, but it must be done at low-pressure to protect the roof from damage. Too high of pressure can loosen shingles and cause expensive damage to your roof.

Use a Professional Pressure Washing Service

While it may seem easy to pressure wash your roof on your own, it is not as simple as it seems. It is important to know the right setting to effectively remove debris without causing damage. Plus, roof cleaning can be dangerous; one slip, and you could find yourself on the ground with broken bones or worse. It is best to leave this risky job to professionals that know the correct techniques and have the experience to complete the job without injury.

To protect the investment in your roof, have it cleaned once a year by a professional pressure washing service. Spring and summer are the best time to clean your roof, keeping it clear of moss, mildew and debris that can cause damage.

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Top Benefits of Metal Stairs

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When it comes to building stairs for commercial use, there are several considerations. Budget, durability, use and safety are all factors in determining the best stairs for your business or property. Metal stairs have many benefits and advantages when it comes to commercial use. Here are some of the top advantages of choosing metal stairs for your commercial property.

  • Strength. Metal is strong and can handle heavy traffic and weight. Whether you own an apartment building with foot traffic or a manufacturing facility needing high-weight capabilities, metal stairs can meet the strength needs for your business.
  • Longevity. Metal stairs can last for many years, even decades. When properly maintained, metal can last longer than many other materials and is easily repaired if needed.
  • Versatility. Not all metal stairs are the same. You can have your stairs customized to meet your needs, from indoor stylish options to functional, durable outdoor commercial-grade staircases.
  • Safety. Metal is excellent for providing safe stairs for employees and customers. Non-slip, sturdy stairs made from metal are extremely safe and can help reduce accidents on your property.
  • Budget. Metal stairs are a cost-efficient, fitting almost any budget. They can be less expensive than other options and last longer than other materials.
  • Easy maintenance. Metal stairs are simple to maintain. They are easy to clean and repair; re-coating the stairs every few years can keep them looking great and protect them from damage.

Metal stair offer many valuable benefits, making them a wise investment for many different types of commercial applications. Use an experienced metal fabricator that specializes in customized metal staircases for the highest quality stairs for your business.

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Wet Smartphone Basics

Everyone knows smart phones and moisture don’t mix. Yet, when your phone goes everywhere you do, it is bound to get wet eventually. A small spill on your phone or a little rain is usually not a problem; just wipe it off quickly and in most cases, no damage is done. However, if your smartphone takes a dunk in the toilet or lands in the pool, you may not be so lucky. Acting fast can save your phone from permanent damage. Here are some wet smartphone basics to help minimize damage if your phone gets soaked.

  • Dry off the exterior. First and foremost, turn off the phone and wipe away all moisture from the outside of the phone. If the phone is well-sealed, this can prevent damage in some cases. Make sure to dry all ports as much as possible and leave out plugs to allow drying.
  • Take apart your phone. Open the case and take out removable parts such as the battery, memory card and SIM card. Wipe all components dry with a soft, absorbent cloth or paper towel.
  • Suction, not forced air, is best. If you want to try and remove water, do not use a hair dryer or forced air; it can force water further inside. A vacuum can be used, but do not put the hose too close to the phone.
  • Let the phone dry. Leaving the phone and components to air dry on an absorbent cloth for several hours or overnight can remove water. Another option is to put the phone in dry white rice that can pull water out and absorb it.
  • Try to turn on phone. Wait at least 24 hours; if all the components feel and look dry, assemble and try to turn on your phone; if it doesn’t turn on, try charging the battery.

If your phone doesn’t turn on or has functional issues after completing all these steps, all is not necessarily lost. Bring it to a local cell phone repair shop. Often, they can fix water damage, especially if you have removed as much water as possible first.

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