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Replacing Industrial Hoses

Almost any kind of machinery that has directed hydraulics, air flow, lubrication or fuel has industrial hoses in the motor. When this machinery is used in manufacturing or other high-end production, a worn-out hose could bring the operation to a standstill. Knowing the right hoses to have on hand and a quality supplier can save your company thousands of dollars in lost production for a part that is nominal in price.

Types of Industrial Hoses

From manufacturing equipment needing hydraulic hoses to construction and agriculture operations that use discharge hoses in their operations, industrial hoses play an important part in business. While most hoses should be replaced proactively during routine maintenance, it can become necessary to replace a hose due to wear. Knowing the right hose to order and have on hand is crucial to ensure there isn’t downtime occurring due to a simple replacement hose.

The “STAMPED” method is used to determine the right industrial hose you need for your application. Since rubber hoses can look alike and often may not have distinguishing marks, this method can help you order the right hose for your equipment. This method looks at:

  •  Size
  •  Temperatures (maximum and minimum temperatures of material being transported)
  •  Application (industry)
  •  Material (what is being transported)
  •  Pressure (highest working)
  •  End (type of end connectors on hose)
  • Delivery method

It is also important to have the right coupling and fitting for the hose to attach it to the equipment. You may be able to use the components from the hose you are replacing, but these are parts you should also keep on hand.

Don’t be caught without the right hoses, couplings and fittings on hand to maintain and repair your industrial equipment. Find a quality supplier and order the industrial hoses you need using the STAMPED method to ensure you have the parts you need to keep your business running smoothly.

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3 Reasons to Schedule a Professional Roof Cleaning

Your home’s roof protects the entire structure and is a vital component of your home. It is also one of the most expensive components to replace or repair, making it advantageous to keep it maintained. One of the best ways to protect your investment in your roof is to keep is clean and free of debris, mold and moss. Here are three excellent reasons to have your roof cleaned annually by a professional.

  1. Prevent damage. Mold, moss and debris can accumulate on your roof, causing damage to the shingles and structure if not removed. Moss in particular can be detrimental to the roof surface and must be carefully removed to avoid damaging shingles. Low water pressure should be used to clean your roof to avoid harming the structure while removing debris.
  2. Curb appeal. Debris, stains and moss can make your home look untidy and unkempt. Schedule a pressure washing of your roof to improve the curb appeal of your home; this is especially important if you plan on selling your home.
  3. Avoid injury. Roof cleaning should be left to the professionals; don’t try to clean your roof yourself. You can put yourself at risk of injury and possibly damage the structure if too high of pressure is used when washing your roof. Trust a professional pressure washing company that offers roof cleaning using low-pressure washing to preserve the integrity of the structure.

Like all aspects of your home, you roof needs ongoing maintenance to extend its lifespan. Keep your roof healthy and clean with annual professional roof cleanings. It can save you money off repairs and replacement in the future.

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Is Cell Phone Insurance Worth the Cost?

Most cell phone carriers offer phone insurance to protect against damage, loss or component failure. With the high cost of iPhones and other brands of smartphones, this can seem like a good idea. However, the cost to cover your phone for replacement or repair can cost a $100 or more per year. Is this insurance worth the cost or would it be better to put that money away in case you need a repair?

Ten or more years ago, phone insurance was a good idea. If your cell phone stopped working or was damaged, you had no local options to get it fixed. Phone insurance was the only way to get your phone repaired or replaced without having to pay full retail on a new phone between upgrades. Times have changed. Now almost every mall has one or more cell phone repair places that can fix your cell phone on the spot. No sending your phone away or waiting on hold when you call to use your insurance. You can walk in to a repair shop and walk out in no time at all with a repaired phone.

Phone insurance has become almost obsolete. No one wants to switch over to an old phone for a week or longer while they wait for a new phone to come in the mail. There is also usually a deductible to pay on top of the monthly premium, so it can cost more than a local repair.

Skip the phone insurance and put that money in a piggy bank instead. If you do need a repair, you will have the money to get it fixed the same day. If you don’t, it will be money you can put toward your next upgrade when the time comes.

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What Home Repairs Do You Need After Storm Damage?

Posted in Roofing

After a severe storm, your home could need repair. Hail, high winds, falling limbs and other elements can cause damage to your home. While roof damage is usually the biggest concern, this is not the only component on your home that may need repair or replacement. When you call to have a post-storm inspection done on your home, here are areas to have your contractor check for damage:

  • Even if the roof looks like it is intact, damage to shingles or seams in metal roofing can be affected. Have a qualified roof contractor do a thorough inspection of your roof to avoid problems down the road.
  • Have any siding panels sustained damage due to hail or falling limbs? Even a small crack or loose panel should be repaired, especially when you are submitting an insurance claim for other damage.
  • Fascia and soffit. Make sure that every component of your roofing structure is inspected for possible issues, including fascia and soffit.
  • Windows. Obviously if a window is broken, it will need to be replaced. Also, check the trim, shutters and other components around the windows for any damage.

To make it simpler for repair and insurance purposes, hire a contractor to complete your inspection that offers repair on all these major components. It will save time and frustration to have one contractor that can fix all your exterior issues at one time. This eliminates needing several bids from roofing, siding and window contractors, simplifying the process.

Storm damage to your home is almost always covered under most homeowner’s insurance policies. Make sure you get a complete and detailed inspection to cover every repair caused by the latest storm to get the most out of your insurance policy.

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Masonry Concerns When Buying a New Home

Posted in Masonry

You find the perfect home for your family and you want to secure the deal with a down payment. Before you write that check, you need to make sure that you are buying a home that is structurally sound. While it is common to have a general home inspection, these basic inspections do not always catch hidden issues that could cost you thousands of dollars down the road. Masonry and foundation problems can often be difficult to catch by a general contractor; it may be worth getting a masonry expert to complete an inspection before you buy.

Chimney Inspections

One area that can get overlooked is the chimney. While a quick external inspection of the chimney will be done, this can easily miss hidden problems. You will want a closer look at the chimney, especially if it is an older home. A masonry expert can perform a more detailed chimney inspection to ensure there isn’t structural damage inside the chimney that could lead to fires and other expensive issues down the road.

Foundation Problems

Foundation issues come in many forms and may not be immediately noticeable during a basic inspection. If there is even a slight sinking or unstable component in the foundation, it can put the entire home at risk. A foundation or masonry expert can take a closer look at footings and other elements to ensure the home and other structures like decks have a solid, safe foundation underneath.

It is worth the extra investment for a masonry inspection to be performed on a home you plan to buy. If there are issues, you can negotiate to have them fixed before the sale or have the cost of repairs taken off the sale price.

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3 Ways to Improve Your Outdoor Cooking Area

Posted in Paver Driveways

Do you love grilling and cooking outdoors? There is something about cooking outside, and eating alfresco, that makes meals more enjoyable. You can get out in the fresh air and relax with friends and family, all while creating wonderful food to share. Why not make it even better with an improved outdoor cooking area? Here are three ways to enhance your cooking area outdoors to make it simpler to grill and prepare your alfresco meals.

  • Expand your patio. If you are stuck grilling in the grass, it is time to expand your patio to include a cooking area. Whether you opt to revamp your entire patio or just add on a paved area for grilling, you deserve to have a level spot for your grill. Tumbled marble or travertine pavers are a perfect fit for your patio and outdoor kitchen area.
  • Go big. Consider investing in a complete outdoor kitchen for your patio. Your grill can be the centerpiece, but having counters and burners for cooking your pasta or corn-on-the-cob makes it easier to complete the entire meal outside.
  • Add plumbing. Don’t bring in those messy pans into your indoor kitchen to scrub when you are done grilling. Plumb in a sink for easy cleanup outside and quick access to water for making your meals.

An outdoor kitchen or cooking area can add value to your home and make afternoons on your patio with friends and family more enjoyable. Talk to your local paving contractor about extending your patio to include an outdoor cooking area or complete kitchen to make the most out of your outdoor living space.

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DIY Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Golf Cart Running All Season

Posted in Golf Carts

The last thing you want when you are on the 18th hole or on a backwoods trail is for your golf cart to leave you stranded. Just like any vehicle, your golf cart needs maintenance to keep it running in tip-top condition. Preventive maintenance can help ensure you don’t end up with a dead battery or tire problem when you are outside enjoying your day. Here are some DIY tips and tricks to keep up on golf cart repairs and maintenance to make your vehicle run great all season.

  • Battery maintenance. If you have an electric golf cart, battery maintenance is essential. Without a well-charged battery, your day out on the course could be cut short. Make sure to fully charge after each use and keep your batteries full of water for longer life.
  • Check your tires. Like a car or truck, you want to make sure your tires are in good shape before each outing. While a flat tire or low tread is not as dangerous as on a road vehicle, it still is important to replace them when needed.
  • Keep up with tune-ups. Gas-powered and electric models both need tune-ups. Gas-powered carts need oil changes and similar tune-ups to your car. Electric motors are simpler, but still need maintenance. Check with your local golf cart dealer for tune-up kits you can perform at home, or bring your cart in for routine tune-ups at your dealer.

With a little maintenance on your golf cart, you can avoid having to tow your golf cart off the course or out of the woods. Keep up with preventive care to make your golf cart last all season with no troubles during your outings.

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Crash Barriers that Add Character

Protecting your business with crash barriers and bollards does not need to be boring. While these installations have an important purpose, they can also be stylish and add character to your property. Say goodbye to the traditional, bland bollard and opt for crash barriers that stand out. Here are some ideas to make your crash barriers look great while they keep your building, customers and employees safe.

Colors that Pop

You do not need to have dull metal, black or silver bollards. Make your crash barriers bright and bold with colors that pop. They can be customized to match your brand or just colorful to bring attention to your business. Not only will they keep out unwanted vehicles, they can make your business stand out. Consider geometric designs, primary colors or fun flowers; you can protect your property and still look trendy at the same time.

Custom Designs

Crash barriers can be made in a variety of shapes and forms. Instead of buying the standard bollard, talk to a custom metal fabricator that can custom design your crash barrier to match your style. Be creative – the traditional pole could be diamond shaped or an oval instead. There are no rules that you have must have boring bollards in front of your business; use this opportunity to add some flare to the front of your building or space.

Make your building or commercial space safe while adding a little style when adding crash barriers. Talk to your local custom crash barrier contractor to discuss fun ideas to add character while protecting your property. There are many creative options available when you choose to customize your bollards for your business.

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What is a Cold Cure Conveyor Repair?

Posted in Conveyor Belts

When the cover or carcass components of a conveyor belt is damaged, replacement is not always necessary. There are repair options available, including a cold cure repair. This option replaces the needed materials and “cold cures” them into place. This can create a seamless repair to the belt to extend the life; it also is a quick solution when you want to limit impact on your production.

There are two methods used to adhere new belt materials for repair: vulcanized and cold cure. Both secure the new materials in place, but each uses a different method. Vulcanized repairs use heat and pressure to repair the belt. Cold cure uses chemicals to complete the repair and is best for repairs to belts that are gouged, worn or have scoring.

Completing a Cold Cure Repair

It is important to have expertise and patience when completing a cold cure conveyor belt repair. The damaged area must be carefully trimmed to remove all the damage and the new patch or replacement material must to cut to match. With cold curing, it is important to have a dry, clean environment to ensure the cement and putty will cure correctly. Once the new section is cemented in place, a roller can be used to smooth the surface. It is important to test the belt on a lower tension at a lower feed rate to ensure the repair will hold before returning to regular operation.

While cold cure repairs can extend the life of your belt, they must be carefully completed to hold. Having a reliable conveyor service company that can repair or replace belts as needed on-call is important to ensure your production line keeps moving.

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Quick Restoration for Your Wood Fence

Has your wood fence lost its luster? While wood fencing can be a beautiful and functional addition to your home, it does require maintenance to keep it in good shape. Exposure to the elements can affect the wood, causing it to oxidize and collect mildew and moss. If your wood fencing has turned gray, green or is streaked with black mildew, it can detract from the beauty of your home. The good news is that a quick cleaning can bring it back to its former glory.

Pressure washing can remove the dirt, mildew and moss from your wood, and bring back the natural brown color. This is a quick process that can make a dingy wood fence look like new again in one afternoon. Once the wood has been cleaned and dried, adding stain, sealant or both can give it the protection it needs to stay beautiful for years to come.

Pressure Washing Wood Fences

While pressure washing is a quick solution to restore wood fencing, it does come with drawbacks. If done incorrectly, wood fence pressure washing can damage the fence. Many fences are made with cedar or pine planks, a softer wood that can be damaged with improper use of a pressure washer. Too high of pressure or placing the wand too close to the wood can splinter the surface.

To make sure your fence is cleaned, not damaged, it is worthwhile to hire a professional for your fence cleaning. They have the experience and equipment to quickly clean your wood fence, decking and other outdoor wood structures without damaging the surfaces. You can sit back and relax while they restore your fence and make it look like new again.

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