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6 Reasons to Choose Metal Stairs for Your Business

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If you are building a brick and mortar multiple-story business or need a new staircase for your existing business, you have many options available. Concrete, wood or metal are popular choices, with many different design options. While each has its pros and cons, there are some viable reasons to choose metal stairs for your commercial building. Here are six excellent reasons metal stairs are a wise investment for commercial buildings.

  1. Longevity. Metal lasts for decades, especially when properly maintained and coated. Industrial coating protects metal from rust and deterioration and with coating, metal can last longer than other options available.
  2. Durable. If you need stairs that can handle heavy weights or exposure to certain elements, metal can be a great choice. Metal is not porous or edible by pests/terminates, which can be a problem with concrete or wood.
  3. Easy maintenance. Metal stairs are simple to maintain and clean. They can be pressure washed outside or just swept inside. Adding coating can help extend the life of your stairs but is only needed once every several years or more.
  4. Stylish. Metal is easy to customize and can come in many different styles. Metal fabricators can create almost any design.
  5. Versatile. Metal is versatile and can create staircases that can fit almost any space or style option. Open-grate treads are perfect for outside to allow rain, snow and water to pass through for safety.
  6. Easy repair. When repairs are needed, metal can be easily reinforced or parts replaced by a metal fabricator in your area.

For both interior and exterior staircases, metal is a great option for commercial buildings. Contact a metal fabricator to discuss the affordable, durable options available for your new metal staircase.

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5 Accessories You Need for Your Cell Phone

Do you use your cell phone more than any other device you own? This is very common for most people, depending on their smartphone for texting, calls, GPS, taking pictures and much more. Considering how much you use your cell phone and the high cost of replacement, you want to get the most from each one you own. Here are five accessories that can help you maximize your cell phone’s lifespan and capabilities.

  1. Protective case. Before you even turn on a new cell phone, it should be in a protective case. It is a fact that many new cell phones do not make it 24 hours out of the box before they are dropped or damaged.
  2. Screen protectors. Along with your cell phone case, make sure a screen protector is added before you begin updating the settings on your new phone. Replace these as needed.
  3. Mobile chargers. A car charger and extra USB chargers can help you keep your phone’s battery charged on the go. There are even solar chargers available for times when you are off the grid.
  4. Quality headphones. While many cell phones come with standard ear buds, invest in quality headphones to enjoy your music and media without disturbing those around you.
  5. Quick or wireless charger. For effortless charging, invest in a wireless charger that charges your phone by just setting in on the device. Want a full charge fast? Make sure you have a quick charger that can fully charge most batteries in less than an hour.

To make the most of your cell phone, get the best accessories. Visit a local cell phone accessories retailer to check out all the latest options available for your phone.

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Pressure Wash Before Your Open House

If you are putting your home on the market, you want to make the best first impression on potential buyers. More than likely, your realtor will discuss small improvements that can be made to help you get the most value from your home. One of the least expensive and quickest ways to make any home more desirable is to clean up the outside surfaces. Scheduling a pressure washing service can help make your home shine during your open house.

Outdoor Surfaces to Pressure Wash

A thorough cleaning can make any surface look better. While you may not want to invest any more money fixing surfaces in a home you are selling, deep cleaning can make them look new again. Here are some surfaces that should be included in your pre-open house power washing:

  • Driveways – this can remove any stains or mildew
  • Fencing – wash away mildew stains or bring out the natural beauty of your wood fencing with power washing
  • Patios, decks, porches and pool decks can be cleaned thoroughly
  • Siding – remove dirt and stains from vinyl or other types of siding to make it look new again
  • Sidewalks and walkways – power washing can remove weeds and dirt from cracks

When outdoor surfaces are clean, it helps improve your home’s curb appeal and increases the value. In just a few hours, your home can be vastly improved with pressure washing. However, the last thing you want before an open house is damage to any surface. Make sure to use a professional pressure washing service to ensure the cleaning is done right – it is worth the investment to help to make your home more enticing to potential buyers.

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How Long Will My Golf Cart Last?

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If you are considering buying a new golf cart, you may wonder how long you can expect your purchase to last. While components can wear out, the vehicle itself can last for many decades. Both gas and electric golf carts have similar longevity expectations when it comes to their frames, but engines and other components can vary. Here are some factors that can impact whether your new golf cart is still running 30 years from now or needs replacement 7-10 years down the road.

Frame Material

Differing brands and models of golf carts may use steel or aluminum frames. Aluminum does not rust and can last much longer than steel but has other limitations. Steel can handle more weight and may be better for rougher terrain. Good paint can help protect steel from rusting and extend the life of golf carts with these types of frames.

Preventive Maintenance

Like any vehicle, a golf cart is an investment that is best protected by preventive maintenance. Tune-ups, brake service, battery care, new paint and other maintenance can help extend the life of your golf cart.

Type and Frequency of Use

It should be expected that a golf cart used for commercial purposes on a daily basis will wear out quicker than those used less frequently for recreational use. Heavier loads, rougher terrain and higher speeds will all impact the longevity of the vehicle.

For most people, a well-maintained golf cart used for recreational or private purposes can last for 30-40 years. However, it is common for owners to trade in their models after several years to upgrade to a newer vehicle. To learn more on how to make your golf cart last as long as possible, talk to your local golf cart dealer.

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4 Environmentally Friendly Roofing Options

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Most people are more conscious of how the items they use impact the environment. This includes using products that are either recyclable or made from recycled materials. When it comes to home improvements, one of the largest material items you may need to buy is a new roof. If you want to be environmentally-conscious, you will want to choose a roofing material that is either recyclable or made from recycled materials. Here are four of the best environmentally-friendly roofing options.

Wood Shingles

While chopping down trees is not necessarily environmentally-friendly, wood shingles can still be a good choice. They are recyclable and last for close to twenty years. Choose a brand that uses recycled wood for the greenest choice.


Not only are slate tile roofs beautiful, they can last up to a hundred years. Stone is always recyclable and some slate tiles used for roofing have been salvaged from other buildings, reducing impact on the environment caused by mining.


Many metal roofs can last for fifty or more years and they are recyclable. Metal roofs are a durable and cost-effective choice when looking at eco-friendly roofing options.


Insulating, beautiful and recyclable, clay tiles are a great choice for a green roof. These are most popular in the hotter climates as they reflect heat and add an air cushion to insulate the home.

If you want to be eco-conscious when buying your next roof, talk to your roofing contractor about the green options available. Even asphalt shingles come in eco-friendly varieties made from recycled materials. By making an informed decision, you can find the best roof for your needs that will have the least negative impact on the planet.

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Does Your Deck Need Leveling?

Have you noticed your outdoor deck seems lopsided? Decks are supported by a system of posts that can sink and settle over time. If you deck is unlevel it may also become unstable, putting your family and guests at risk of injury. Before summer arrives and it is time to spend afternoons and evenings relaxing on your deck, it is vital to have your deck inspected and repaired.

Deck Post Leveling

Lopsided decks are often caused by settling deck posts. The some of the support posts that are on the corners and spaced throughout the perimeter can sink, allowing the deck to shift on one side. When this occurs, extra stress is put on the joints and structure of the deck. If not repaired, the deck could collapse and cause serious injuries to your family or guests.

To relevel a deck, first you need to have a foundation or concrete specialist inspect your deck posts and footings. It is likely one or more deck posts, the slab or footings have settled. Once the problem posts are identified, a solution can be recommended. Concrete leveling techniques can be used to elevate the posts back to their original position and add support to prevent future settling.

It is important to have your deck fully inspected for structural safety after you relevel the posts. You will want to ensure that the deck was not damaged and can still support the weight intended once the posts have been leveled.

An unlevel deck is more than just an eyesore; it can be a safety hazard. Make sure to call in a concrete or foundation expert to level your deck before summer to make your outdoor space safe.

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Staircase Ideas for Small Spaces

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A sprawling staircase can be a beautiful feature in a large home but when space is at a premium, you want to limit the size of your staircase. Small spaces that require a staircase need creative options to climb to different levels. Here are some staircase ideas that require minimal space, offering both a functional and stylish feature to your multi-level building.

Steep, Vertical Staircase

Similar to a ladder, staircases can be created to be vertical, requiring only a few feet of area out of your room. These are very steep stairs but are functional and compact. Various materials and styles can be used to match the décor of the home or space.

Spiral Staircases

An elegant option for adding a staircase in a cramped area is the spiral staircase. Metal or wrought iron spiral staircases are popular due to the strength and versatility of these materials – glass can be used with metal to allow light to pass through. Wood can also be used for spiral stairs, but it tends to be bulkier than metal.

Floating Staircases

Stairs that are supported by the ceiling instead of the floor are floating staircases. These can leave more room underneath the stairs and create a open design for a room. Without risers or footing, floating staircases do not block vision or light, which helps make a room seem larger.

Narrow Wall Staircase

A traditional staircase that is narrow and placed against a wall can save space. The area under the stairs can be used to add a small closet, book shelves or storage space.

Staircases can be beautiful, functional and safe without taking up much space. To find the right compact staircase design for your building, contact an experienced staircase designer for customized options.

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Protecting Public Safety with Custom Metal Crash Barriers

A large motor vehicle can be a danger to pedestrians when it careens out of control or is used as a weapon. In areas where there is high foot traffic or outdoor seating areas, it is vital to protect unsuspecting people from injury caused by vehicle intrusion. Crash barriers are a protective structure used to minimize risk of vehicle collisions with pedestrians in areas near main roadways. The best option is a customized metal crash barrier that can be tailored to deter vehicles from entering highly populated pedestrian areas.

What is a Crash Barrier?

Crash barriers are designed to block vehicles from entering an area. They can be made from cement, wood or metal, and can be found in many different locations. Roadside barriers can deter vehicles from exiting the roadway, especially in dangerous areas near cliffs, on sharp turns or on bridges. Crash barriers used for protecting pedestrians are often located in busy foot traffic areas near roadways. Some common buildings and spaces protected by crash barriers include:

  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Malls
  • Parks
  • Work or construction zones

Benefits of Customized Metal Crash Barriers

Metal is the most common material used for crash barriers due to its strength, durability and versatility. Metal fabricators can create customized metal crash barriers that are specifically designed to protect people near a building or congregating in an outdoor space. While generic barriers can be used, they may leave some spots unprotected or not meet the safety needs required. Customized metal barriers offer a higher level of protection, decreasing the chance of a vehicle entering the designated area. It is a wise investment that can minimize the risk of injury or death caused by vehicle accidents or terrorism.

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How to Find the Right Discharge Hose

Many mining, agricultural and industrial manufacturing operations rely on discharge hoses. These heavy-duty hoses need to withstand heavy outflow and be resilient under a variety of temperature and pressure fluctuations. Finding the right discharge hose for your business can help reduce downtime during production caused by hose breaks or leaks. To determine the best size and material for your discharge hose, consider these factors.

Discharge Direction

To prevent kinks or blockages, it is important to have a discharge hose designed for the directional flow. Whether the hose will be horizontal or vertical can impact what hose material is best. For example, rubber hoses are more prone to kinking, which may not be ideal in horizontal applications.

Material Type

For discharging water, a variety of hoses can be used, but it is important to have materials that are mildew resistant. If the material is abrasive, you may need reinforced hosing. Corrosive materials or chemicals must also have customized hoses to prevent leaks and premature wear.

Length and Diameter

How long your hose will need to be and the diameter are both critical when choosing a discharge hose. While there are many standard sizes, often it may be best to have a hose customized for your application. Quality hose suppliers can design and produce discharge hoses of the right material, diameter and length to meet your specifications for improved performance.

To find the best discharge hose for your needs, talk to your industrial rubber or plastics supplier. Often they can design a hose that is customized for your application versus purchasing a standard hose that may not work best for your operation. A customized discharge hose may last longer and require fewer altercations, saving time and money in the long run.

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How Much Will a Foundation Repair Cost?

One of the most common questions a foundation repair expert will be asked is the cost of a home foundation repair – it is also the hardest one to answer. Foundation problems can range from a small crack that can be quickly fixed to structural problems that can impact the entire home. However, there are averages that can help give you an idea of the range of cost for most foundation repairs.

Foundation Cracks

Small cracks in a home’s foundation are to be expected over time – larger cracks can lead to structural damage. Cracks over one-eighth of an inch can be a sign of a serious problem, but many cracks in foundations can be fixed for less than $1,000.

Leaking Basements

When a foundation is no longer sealed and leaking water, there are a few different options to fix the issue. Waterproofing or sealing your basement can cost $2,000-$6,000, depending on the size and what needs to be done.

Repairing Foundation Problems

When the foundation is settling or needs leveling, repairs can range from mudjacking and piering to underpinning and stabilization. These can start with small repairs that only cost $500-$1000 but can range up to $12,000 and beyond. It depends on how much of the foundation needs repair, the material of the foundation and what type of equipment and labor is required.

The only sure way to know how much a foundation repair costs is to schedule a foundation inspection with a masonry expert. A thorough inspection can narrow down the exact issue and what type of repair will be needed. This can give you the exact cost of the repair needed to fix this important structural element of your home.

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