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Protect Your Brand with Fleet Truck Washing

How much did you spend to add your logo and colors for your business to your fleet trucks? If you own a business that delivers products or services, your fleet trucks are moving billboards for your business. They can reach thousands of potential customers while out serving your existing client base, making them an excellent way to advertise. However, if the image of your brand and business is hidden under a layer of dirt and grime, you could be tarnishing your image. Make a positive impact by investing in fleet truck washing for your business.

Polish Your Brand

It doesn’t matter whether you have a pizza delivery business or plumbing is your game, if you have vehicles that represent your business, they need to be maintained. Dirt and grime are a constant occurrence on the roads, dulling the appearance of your fleet vehicles and your brand. Fleet pressure washing on a regular basis can help keep one of your best representations of your business clean and professional.

While many businesses will undergo fleet washing every few months, this is not enough to keep your vehicles pristine. Consider finding a fleet truck washing service that will regularly come and clean your vehicles, rain or shine. Ongoing maintenance on a set basis can ensure your vehicles and brand are kept clean and presentable, improving the impression you make on potential customers in your community.

Contact a local pressure washing service that offers fleet truck washing to find out about commercial contracts for routine cleaning for your vehicles. It is a wise investment in your business and brand to keep a professional image rolling down the streets of your city.

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Trends in Staircase Handrails

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One of the most noticeable pieces of architecture inside a home is the staircase.  While it of course must be practical and safe, it can also make a beautiful statement about your home. And one of the most important aspects of the staircase is the handrail design and balusters. The detailing that a handrail has and the materials used in it can make all the difference, and can turn your home from builder’s basic to modern chic.

Some modern trends in handrails today is glass. Rather than using traditional spindles on the staircase, consider filling that space with clear, colored or patterned glass. It allows light to continue through the space and continues the open concept design that people want in their homes today.  A minimalistic metal top gives a place to grasp while capping that industrial look that is so sought after.

Another trend is to mix materials.  Using a traditional wooden rail with a wrought iron baluster is a timeless look. Another option is to use cabling or metal railing horizontally with a wooden rail.  Natural wood softens the industrial look of metal while still updating a space.

Color is also something to think about with staircase design. Contrasting a bright white stair with a very dark handrail, balusters and treads. Very dark browns and black are the new trend in stain and will make a traditional staircase design pop.

Whether you are having a new home built or are renovating your old home, contact a professional to help design a beautiful staircase with a unique handrail design. They add value, sophistication, and a one-of-a-kind statement to your home that won’t be duplicated in your neighborhood.

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Parts of a Stair

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Staircases are a very important part of a home.  Not only can they add to a home’s beauty, their function is essential.  There are many parts of a stair to consider when having stairs installed or replaced in your home, and many codes to consider when choosing your design.

The Parts of the Stair

  • The Tread– The part of the stair that you step on. Make sure that the material chosen for the tread is durable. It will need to hold up to millions of uses and should be a comfortable width for the average foot.
  • The Stringers– the side of the staircase. These are the parts that the tread is attached to. It may be custom made or pre-cut for standard sizes. The wider the staircase, the more stringers are necessary to prevent sagging in the middle.
  • The Riser– the vertical piece that covers the space between each step. Some designs may allow for open risers, but it is important to know the code for your area.
  • The Nose– The part of the tread that overhangs the riser. Usually the nose is rounded and hangs about one inch over the previous riser.

It is important to work with a contractor that is familiar with the codes in your area as stairways have many regulations they must meet. If a staircase is not to code, it may have to be torn out wasting a lot of time and money. Talk to a reputable stair company when choosing the design and installation of your staircase for your home.

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What Is Causing Your Unlevel Deck or Porch?

Have you noticed your porch or deck is no longer level with your home? This is a common problem and one that can be perplexing, especially if your home’s foundation seems to be in excellent shape and level. Understanding why these exterior structures can become unlevel can help you come up with a solution to fix the problem and prevent further issues.

Why Decks and Porches Settle Faster

Unless they were constructed poorly for the beginning, in most cases, an unlevel porch or deck is caused by settling. The footers that support the deck or porch can settle or sink, often not at the same rate on the opposing sides, creating an unlevel surface. While the house these structures are attached to may remain level, the exposure to the elements is usually why decks and porches settle quicker.

Water and soil erosion are often the culprits of settling foundations and footers. With decks and porches, there is less protection from the elements, allowing more rain and moisture to affect the soil around the footers and supports. This causes quicker settling and can lead to an unlevel structure.

Repair and Prevention

The good news is most decks and porches that are unlevel can be fixed without complete replacement. Often, an experienced foundation expert can elevate the structure to make it level again and repair deck posts that will prevent further settling. In some cases, additional supports need to be added to keep the structure level. Other prevention options include adding a roof or covering that will add more protection from the elements and looking at better drainage solutions.

If your deck or porch is unlevel, have it inspected by a foundation specialist. They can offer repair options and help with prevention methods to protect your structure.

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Help! My iPad Doesn’t Hold a Charge

Posted in iPhone Repairs

When protected and maintained, an iPad can last for many years, but that is not necessarily true of the battery. Like all batteries, the iPad’s battery eventually holds less and less of a charge. If you have an iPad that barely holds a charge and needs to be plugged in to use, it is no longer living up to the mobility function that makes this device so popular. Here is what you should do if your iPad battery has lost its charging capacity.

Head to an iPad Repair Shop

The first thing to do is to find out for sure it is the battery causing the issue. Sometimes the port where you connect the charger is no longer supplying the electricity needed or there is some other issue. Many quality iPad repair shops will perform a free diagnostic on your iPad to determine what is wrong. If it is the battery, many of these shops can replace it for you.

What Does It Cost to Replace the Battery?

Cost on replacement batteries depends on the model and year of iPad you have but expect to pay more than just a few bucks. If you have an older iPad, you may want to consider your options. You may spend the money to replace the battery on your old iPad and then have something else go wrong. Some iPad repair shops will buy your device for cash, even with a bad battery, giving you money to put towards a new device instead of investing more into an obsolete model.

While it is possible to replace an iPad battery yourself, it is not always easy, and you could damage your device. It is best to bring it to a repair shop and find out your options.

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DIY Vs Professional Roofing Replacement

Posted in Roofing

Many homeowners are good with a hammer or power tools, fixing many issues on their home with DIY methods. While this can save money on minor repairs, it is important to consider the pros and cons when attempting major installation projects. The roof of a building is one of the most crucial elements for protecting the structure from moisture and weather damage. Before you consider trying to replace your roof yourself versus hiring a professional roofing contractor to save some money, consider what it may cost you in the long run.

Experience and Expertise

Unless you work for a roofing contractor or did this work in the past, it is likely that you do not have the experience and expertise that is vital to ensuring a roofing system will be properly installed to last. A small mistake can be costly and when it is your home that will be impacted, you want a professional that has the knowledge, tools and training to install your new roof right.


Many roofing materials come with a solid warranty, but only if they are installed by a professional. Many roofs can come with 20 or 30-year warranties, even lifetime warranties on materials. Doing it yourself may save you money on your new roof now, but if you have problems down the road, you will be the one paying for repairs or replacements without a warranty.

If you want to fix a loose fence board or replace a door in your home to save money, that is great if you have the skills. But when it comes to your roof, it is worth the investment in a professional contractor for installation to ensure it is done right and guaranteed for years to come.

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HDPE vs UHMW Polyurethane Products

Polyurethane is a popular material for many industrial products, but there are many different variations on this material. Two common options you will find are High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and Ultra High Molecular Weight (UHMW). While both may look the same, to determine which is right for your application, it is important to know the differences and best uses for these types of polyurethane.

HDPE Basics

HDPE is high density, which means it the polymer chains are packed tightly, making it a harder material that can withstand high impact. The molecular structure is great for resisting liquid absorption, chemical reactions and impact. Some of the more common applications for HDPE include:

  • Pipe fittings
  • Containers for liquids, both chemical and food-grade
  • Cutting surfaces
  • Trays

UHMW Basics

UHMW polyurethane has the highest molecular density of thermoplastic polymers. It is very durable, resisting cracking, impact, water absorption and chemical reactions. One of the differences in this material versus other polymers is its smoothness to allow easy sliding. Products that are often made from UHMW include:

  • Rollers
  • Screws
  • Sliding plates
  • Gears

The main difference between HDPE and UHMW is how they are made and the molecular structure. UHMW has high molecular weights and long polymer chains versus HDPE which is known for having a high strength-to-density ratio. Each has its benefits and is better suited for different applications.

If you are looking for polyurethane products, it is important to have a supplier that can choose the best material for your needs. Discuss the virtues of both HDPE and UHMW with your industrial material provider to determine which is best for your application.

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Custom Metal Furnishings for Function and Style

Are you looking for furnishings for your home or business that are unique, functional and stylish? Stop shopping at home improvement centers or furniture stores and consider having your furnishings designed and created by a custom metal fabricator. Not only will you get items that are designed specifically for your space, but they will be durable and distinctive. Here are a few ways to incorporate custom metal furnishings into your space.


What better way to set your home and business apart from the rest than with a customized door? A talented metal fabricator can make your door any size – no need to conform to the standard door frame size when you can have it made any height or width you want. Metal is also one of the best options for security. Plus, there are so many options in finishes and styles to make your entrance unique.


Want a fireplace that is modern and contemporary? Indoors or out, metal fireplaces can be stunning centerpieces that will compliment your style and be functional for your flickering fires. Whether you want a floor-to-ceiling fireplace in your living room or dining area, or a sleek fire pit for the patio, a custom metal fabricator can create the look and design that will fit your needs.


Whether you have a commercial kitchen, workshop or just want your home kitchen to have a modern appeal, consider customized metal counters. They are easy to clean and durable, but also can look fantastic when fabricated with the right metals and finishes.

Breakaway from the norm and give your home or business a stunning style with custom metal furnishings. Find a metal fabricator in your area and explore the many options available in customized metal furnishings.

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Why Your Equestrian Business Needs a Golf Cart

Posted in Golf Carts

Big animals need big places to roam and thrive. When you own an equestrian business like a training facility, boarding stables or breeding operation, you most likely have many acres of land and several outbuildings for your horses and services. One of the tools that can make your job easier around your property is owning a golf cart for your business. Here are a few ways a golf cart can benefit your equestrian business.

Save Time

In any business time is money. The more time it takes you to care for your horses or go from one area to another, the less time you for growing and managing your business. Golf carts can quickly get you from point A to point B on your property – saving ten minutes several times or more throughout the week can give you hours more time to invest in your business.

Hauling Gear

There is plenty of gear and other heavy items that are used in most equestrian businesses that may need to be transported. Using a full-size vehicle is not always an option, especially when tack or feed only needs to be moved from one building to another. Golf carts with a cargo area can make it easy to haul smaller loads whenever and wherever you need to go on your property. Plus, it can save stress on your body and take less time than carry items short distances.

If you want to make it easier and more efficient to run your equestrian business, consider investing in a golf cart for transportation on your property. Visit a golf cart dealer to discuss the different features and options that will help your business thrive.

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5 Surfaces that Can be Damaged from Pressure Washing

The first time you use a pressure washer to clean up your outdoor areas, it can seem like magic. Dirt, mildew and grime just disappear without chemicals, just a high-pressured stream of water. While having or renting a pressure washer to maintain your home can seem like a great idea, you need to know where it is safe to use it. Here are five surfaces that can be damaged from pressure washers if you use the wrong pressure or technique.

  1. Wood. Many types of wood are soft and can be splintered under high pressured water. This can harm your deck or fencing, even wood shingles, if done incorrectly.
  2. Windows. Glass and the casings around windows need to be carefully cleaned when using a pressure washer. The wrong technique can cause leaks and damage your expensive windows.
  3. Roofing. Pressure washing is a common way to clean roofs, but it can also lead to expensive damage if not performed with the right method. It can lift shingles and create leaks, leading to costly roof repairs.
  4. Stucco. The texture of stucco makes it difficult to clean with a pressure washer unless you know the exact nozzle and water pressure to use.
  5. Siding. Etching is a common problem when pressure washing siding,  leaving permanent indention or lines on your home. Use the wrong pressure on painted siding and you can remove the paint.

Many DIY homeowners have caused expensive damage to their homes cleaning these surfaces with pressure washing. However, all these surfaces can be cleaned by low-pressure or professional power washing. Using the right equipment and techniques can ensure these surfaces are cleaned without any damage. While you can clean most driveways or patios with your pressure washer, leave the more vulnerable surfaces to the professionals to prevent damage.

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