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Enjoying an Al Fresco Dinner at Your Home

Most people spend the majority of the days inside at work. Why come home and do the same? Enjoy your dinners with your family al fresco, or under the open air. You can create an outdoor dining area; better yet, you can cook your meals outdoors too. Here are some ideas to make al fresco dinners a regular occurrence at your home.

Stone Patio

Start your dining experience off right with a new stone patio. Stone pavers can create a stunning floor for your outdoor dining area. Tumbled marble or travertine are excellent choices for your patio; they are easy to maintain, stay cool in the hot sun and look beautiful. Make sure your patio is large enough to accommodate guests when you want to entertain.

Add a Dining Set

You need a comfortable, stylish outdoor dining set for your al fresco dinners. Choose a table that suits your taste and will fit your family and a few friends on special occasions. Make sure to find comfortable chairs – you want to be able to relax while you enjoy your dinner under the sky.

Outdoor Kitchen

If you love to cook, having an outdoor kitchen will be wonderful for your al fresco nights. Why get stuck in the kitchen when you can cook under the sky and be with your family on the patio? Find a local contractor to build your dream kitchen outside – it will be great for private dinners and when you entertain, plus add value to your home.

Make this summer all about dinner al fresco at your home. Talk to your local contractor to start designing your new patio and outdoor kitchen.

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Railing Safety: When to Replace or Repair a Metal Stairwell Railing

Posted in Metal Stairs

A loose railing on a stairway is a liability, especially on a commercial property. If you own a business with staircases, you need to be aware of the condition of your railings. A loose screw or a broken weld could make the railing unsafe, even cause injury. Don’t take the risk of a hurt employee or customer – here are some tips on how to ensure your metal railings are secure and safe on your commercial building.

Visual Inspection

First, take a close look at your stair railings. Look for rust, dents or any signs of wear. Check the joints – are all the screws in place? Does anything look off-kilter? Often you can see something is wrong with the railing if you look closely, giving you a chance to get it fixed before it causes problems.

The Wiggle Test

If a railing wiggles, it needs repair. It is that simple. Metal railings should be solid, no room for movement. Any wiggle room means there is a screw loose or a weld that is not secure. Check every section regularly, especially if you notice any visual concerns. If you can feel the railing give at all, it is time to consider repair or replacement for your metal railing.

When a railing needs repair, call your local metal fabricator that specializes in metal staircases. They can inspect your railings and offer a repair solution. Often the railings can be repaired and recoated without needing complete replacement. If they do need to be replaced, your metal fabricator can customize new railing for your staircases that will be secure and safe for use.

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Top 3 Reasons for a Conveyor Belt Repair

Posted in Conveyor Belts

Conveyor belts may seem mundane, but they run the manufacturing and shipping industries, plus many others. When they come to a halt, so does your production. Knowing what to look for when it comes to repairs can save you time and hassle of a conveyor belt shutdown. Here are three reasons that conveyor belts need repair.

Roller Problems

Steel rollers can jam – if one roller seizes, it can be bad news for your belt. The steel can quickly cut up your belt, needing a complete replacement. Keep an eye on your rollers if they are steel – keep them maintained to reduce wear on your belts. In some cases, vinyl rollers can be a better option with less chance of tearing up your belt.


If the belt shifts from side to side and doesn’t stay on its correct track or path, it can quickly wear out and need replacement. You will often see excessive edge wear when the tracking is not set correctly. Keeping the belt on the right track is critical – tracking in one of the main reasons for needed repairs.


The wrong tension can cause belt slippage, leading to expensive shutdowns. This can be due to excessive build up that can reduce traction on the belt drive. If the belt is slipping, make sure the tension is tight enough and clear build up to reduce the need for belt repairs.

Prevention is important when it comes to conveyor belt issues. Having an experienced conveyor belt service can help you maintain your equipment and replace parts as needed to prevent expensive shutdowns of your production line.

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Top 3 Reasons to Bring Your Cell Phone to a Repair Specialist

Are you having problems with your cell phone? If you have been toying with the idea of buying a new phone, consider the option of repair. Think about it. Do you really want to spend hundreds of dollars on a new phone? Plus, you need to switch all your apps, contacts, media and other data to your new phone. Here are three reasons to consider bringing your cell phone to a repair specialist before you decide to buy new.

  1. Save money. A repair can be a fraction of the cost of a new cell phone. Why waste money on a new phone when yours can be fixed to work like new again? Give your phone a life extension and spend that money on something else you need or want.


  1. Same day service. The best cell phone repair shops can fix cell phones the same day, often in just minutes. You can get your phone repaired without worrying about being without your phone.


  1. Trade it in. What if your phone can’t be fixed or the repair cost is too much? Some repair shops will buy your broken or used phone for cash. Let them take a look at it and perform a diagnostic – if it’s not worth fixing, they may buy your phone and give you a down payment on a new cell phone.

Don’t automatically give up on your cell phone just because it has a cracked display or won’t stay charged. Bring it to a cell phone repair specialist to explore your options before you pursue buying an expensive new phone.

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Does Your Golf Cart Need a Makeover?

Posted in Golf Carts

You don’t need to have a boring golf cart. If you have a run-of-the-mill golf cart, jazz it up with a makeover. Golf carts can be customized to improve the style and functionality. If you are ready to personalize your golf cart, consider these customization options:

  • New wheels. Every vehicle looks better with nice wheels, including golf carts. Upgrade your cart’s wheels to add a little bling and style to your ride. Larger wheels can also give you more clearance if you use your cart on rough terrain; you can also add a lift kit to improve the appearance and function of your cart.
  • Change the color. The standard colors in golf carts can be dull. Get a customized paint job to make your golf cart stand out in the crowd – it will easy to see you coming when you go with a bright color or interesting graphics.
  • Comfort amenities. Change the seats, add heat/or a fan – make your golf cart comfortable. You can install a stereo and many of the same features you have in your vehicle to your golf cart. An enclosure can also keep you dry when the bad weather hits.
  • Go street legal. Want to take your cart off the course or trails and onto the road? Consider adding a street legal kit to your cart and get more function for your cart. It can be a great way to get around the neighborhood.

Give your old golf cart a new look. Talk to your local golf cart dealer that offers customization and start your golf cart makeover – you want your cart to look great for the summer.

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Make Your Deck Look Like New Again

A new wood deck is stunning – not only does it add an outdoor living space for your home, it can add beauty to your home. That is, if it is maintained. When wood is stained or protected, it has a beautiful, rich color. But over time, the protection wears off and weather takes its toll. Yearly maintenance can help keep your deck looking like new.

Wood may be brown or tan in color when it is first milled, but that is not the way it will stay. The elements and chemical reactions can change the color. Clear coating that protects the wood from rot can also protect the natural color; stain can also bring out deeper hues or make the wood a deeper brown.

All wood will fade to gray over time. Stain can keep it looking brown longer, but eventually stain will fade too. The sun fades the color of wood, while rain and moisture can allow it to mildew. Keeping your deck looking good means keeping it clean and reapplying stain or clear coating to protect the surface.

Pressure washing can remove the dirt, grime and mildew from your deck. If the stain is still intact, just a good cleaning bring out the beauty of the wood. If you do plan on adding more stain or wood protectant, pressure washing the wood first will prepare it for the process. Make sure to let the wood dry for a few days after pressure washing before applying any color.

If you deck is looking dull, bring it back to life with regular maintenance. Hire your local pressure washing service to clean your deck; then, add new stain to make it look like new again.

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Take Your Shingles from Shabby to Chic

Posted in Roofing

Does your roof look shabby? An old roof is more than just an aesthetic issue – it can leak, causing thousands of dollars of water and mold damage to your home. If your shingles are falling apart, it is time to consider roof replacement. Not only will a new roof protect your home, it can give your house a new look. Go from shabby to chic with these roofing options.

Metal Roofing

Metal roofs offer longevity and can be a beautiful option for your home. Metal roofing has improved in appearance, with more aesthetic options than those in the past. They are also easy to maintain. You want to choose a good quality metal roof – aluminum roofs are inexpensive, but can easily dent or sustain damage in hail and other storms.

Tile or Slate Singled Roofs

Two of the most beautiful options for roofing are tile and slate shingles. They offer a stunning topping for your home and come in different colors and shingle sizes. However, these are premium options and two of the more expensive types of roofing available.

Asphalt Shingle Roofing

Tried and true, asphalt roofing is one of the most cost-effective options to re-roof your home. It is also the most used option in the U.S. There are many different levels of asphalt roofing – some shingles come with lifetime or 50-year warranties, which can protect your investment.

A new roof can change the look of your home – a great asset if you plan on selling your home in the future. Talk to your local roofing contractor about the different roofing options to decide which is best for your needs and budget.

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Signs Your Home’s Foundation Needs Repairing

Underneath your home is the most important element of the structure – your foundation. Yes, the walls and roof are all important, but the foundation holds everything in place. If the integrity of your foundation is corrupted, your entire home is in jeopardy. Catch issues in your foundation early to prevent damage to the rest of your home. Here are some early signs that your foundation needs repairing.

  • Visible cracks. Not all foundation issues are easy to see, but sometime they can be in plain sight. If there are cracks in your foundation, it is a blatant sign that you need a repair. Even if your home still seems level and intact, call in a foundation expert for an inspection.


  • Stuck doors and windows. Are your windows and doors difficult to open or close? This can be a sign of settling under your foundation.


  • Unlevel floors. Have you noticed the floor slopes slightly in some rooms of your home? You may have a foundation that is settling on one side of your home, creating unlevel floors.


  • Cracked walls. Are there cracks in your brick or in the interior walls of your home? Often these are due to the foundation moving below the home. It can be caused by a rapid shift like an earthquake or a slow shifting of the foundation.


  • Separating walls and floors. If you have noticed that there gaps between your walls, floors and ceilings, this can occur due to foundation problems.


Foundation issues are serious. If you have any of these signs of foundation problems, call your local masonry or foundation specialist for an inspection. Repairing your foundation can fix these issues and protect your most important asset – your home.

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Pattern and Texture Options for Your Paver Patio or Pool Deck

Posted in Paving

Pavers are popular for patios and pool decks for many reasons, from their durability and easy maintenance to the design and style options. When choosing pavers for your new patio or pool deck, you have been decisions to make regarding design, including the pattern and texture options you want to use. Here are some tips to help you choose the right patterns and textures to best match your home and style.

Texture Options

The finish or texture on your pavers can make a difference in the overall appearance and function. Some of the options available include:

  • Smooth, often referred to as a class finish
  • Antiqued or worn finish
  • A natural, embossed texture

In some cases, more than one texture can be used to highlight a design aspect – edge pavers may be smooth, while the inside pavers are embossed.

Pattern Choices

Both the shape of your patio and the pattern design can make a big difference in how your patio blends with your home’s style. A home with arched windows and curves with blend better with a rounded patio; a home with sharp angles will be better suited with a patio that is made from right angles.

For patterns, there are varieties of running, modular and geometrical designs that can enhance your patio. Using different colored pavers in patterns can create an interesting design for your pool deck that will make it unique and blend with your architectural style.

If you are planning a new paver pool deck or patio, use the knowledge and expertise of an experienced paver installation contractor to help determine the best textures and patterns for your style. They can help you find the right design that will enhance your outdoor space to add beauty and value to your home.

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Golf Carts for Sporting Clays Courses

Posted in Golf Carts

Golf carts are not just for the sport of golf – they are popular for personal transportation for many other sports as well. If you are an avid sports shooter or bird hunter, you could benefit from owning a golf cart of your own. Sporting clays is a great way to enjoy sport shooting for advanced shooters and a beneficial way to prepare for a bird hunting expedition. However, sporting clays courses are usually spread out over many acres to create a realistic hunting environment. Golf carts can make the trips between stands quicker and easier, making them a wise investment.

Sporting Clays Shooting Courses

If you own a sporting clays shooting course, investing in golf carts for your clients is crucial for your business. Shooting enthusiasts have varying health and physical problems that may limit their ability to walk from stand to stand. Golf carts make it easier for all shooters to use your course. Plus, there are other advantages. Golf carts make it quicker for shooters to complete the course, which means you can handle more customers per day for more profit. 

Owning Your Own Cart for Sporting Clays

While most quality sporting clays course will have golf carts for rent, if you frequently go shooting, you may benefit from owning your own golf cart. You can forego the rental fees and ensure there is always a cart available for your use by investing in your own cart. You can also use your golf cart for hunting and personal transportation in rural areas.

Sporting clays enthusiasts can benefit from owning golf carts, whether they are course owners or customers. Visit a golf cart dealer to find the best option for your sport shooting needs.

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